Tuesday, November 26, 2013

China, Japan, another war?

China, Japan, another war?

The commies recently issued a map illustrating what they label as their “air defense identification zone.”  Many nations have such zones over their territories.  The commies claim any incursion into this zone by aircraft must identify themselves to the commies or risk possible military action. 

The problem with this new map and pronouncement is the commies included into this zone territory belonging to Japan, the Senkaku Islands.  The commies are aware this could result in a limited armed conflict between China and Japan.  The commies in Beijing will ignite such a conflict at the point their regime is about to collapse due to an internal rot.

Due to the real estate bubble in China, it is predicted there will be a collapse causing an uprising byt he people against the corrupt thugs in Beijing.  At that point to re-direct the hate aimed at the commies in Beijing to Japan, the commies will ignite an armed conflict with Japan. 

The commies are aware the Senkaku Islands are part of the security agreement between Japan and the USA.  Meaningless to the commies when it comes to salvaging their failing regime.   Armed conflict with Japan and the USA is preferable to the commies than an insurrection by the millions in China.                

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