Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians spending spree in Japan

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Cove Guardians spending spree in Japan

Troy is an Australian lady who participated in Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian activities in Taiji, Japan.  Troy in the last two years visited Taiji three separate times: January 21-February 4, 2012, October 3-15, 2012 and September 30 - October 15, 2013.  Here is what Troy recently wrote on her Facelessbook page:

“Some of the Sea Shepherd Haters are spreading rumours that the Cove Guardians spend money in Taiji and therefore the campaign is supporting the Taiji economy. That is complete lies. We don't stay in Taiji, we don't buy fuel in Taiji, we don't buy food in Taiji, we don't even buy drinks from the drink dispensers in Taiji. I have NEVER spent a single Yen in Taiji!!!!”

Okay so they do not spend money in Taiji to punish the people of Taiji.  That then means they hate the people of Taiji.  This runs in conflict to previous statements by the Cove Guardian drones and supporters they do not hate the people of Japan and/or Taiji, they just hate the fishermen of Taiji.  

Put all that aside, they may not spend money in Taiji, but they are spending good and a lot of money in Japan.  Once again running into conflict with their supporters / minions.  If you look at the Cove Guardian Facebook page it is easy to locate numerous comments urging all to “BOYCOTT JAPAN,” and Japanese products.  The Cove Guardians ignore these pleas with the purchase of the Japanese cameras, renting numerous vehicles at about $100.00 a day each, expensive hotel rooms, costly fuel, food, and other items needed to sustain their lavish lifestyle while boycotting Japan in Japan. 

Here is Troy’s above posting on Facebook:

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