Friday, November 8, 2013

Comment left by one of Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian supporters

Here is a comment left by one of 
Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian supporters

Sure the Cove Guardians are not responsible for the comments left by their supporters.  However they are responsible for leaving the comment on their Facebook page.  The Cove Guardians delete any comment critical of their behavior, yet leave such vile comments as below for all to see.

(the term "murderers" in the above comment is referring to the Taiji fishermen)
It can be argued Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians nourish such hateful comments by their postings of inflammatory commentary on their Facebook page, their live-streaming, and Twitter.  

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Facebook page:

Link to Cove Guardian live-streaming page:

Link to Cove Guardian’s archived live-streaming:

Links to Cove Guardian Twitter comments:

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