Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian follower - TOO LATE!

A Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian supporter on the Cove Guardian Facebook page offers advice to the Cove Guardians, then at the end writes “….and delete my post.”  TOO LATE because it has been captured and here it is:

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Facebook page:

Link to Cove Guardian live-streaming page:

Link to Cove Guardian’s archived live-streaming:

Links to Cove Guardian Twitter comments:

Link to Texas Daddy store:


Anonymous said...

Pip Squeak, whats up munchin. Glad you can make money on SSCS. You will NEVER take us down. Say hello to the other hobbits for me

Anonymous said...

dont forget to visit Pip's store cause if YOU dont buy something the hobbits will go hungry :(

Anonymous said...

Hiya Kids! i SEE tONY IS STILL BEING A BIT OF A tEXAS dOODADDY! Oh my how th mercury has gone to his fat head. Merry xmas to the slayer of jesus, madness all. What kind of a fool hangs out with thoser eligious right wing freak shows. What honor is there in that oh daddy daddy come home to puppa, its time, time for your milk and cookes and your dose of the sea shepherds who will make you HUFF and puff until your whole house of dreams comes a crashin down on top of your sianara head oh my gosh !!!!!!!!!