Thursday, November 7, 2013

Landlubber fugitive Watson of Sea Shepherd?

Landlubber fugitive Watson of Sea Shepherd?

Fugitive Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd has appeared in a Seattle Federal Court.  The United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit, Western District.  The case “Institute of Cetacean Research vs. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  This is in reference to Sea Shepherd USA violating the Court’s injunction issued December, 2012 ordered Sea Shepherd not to sail within five-hundred yards of the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean, an injunction which Sea Shepherd violated.    

Paul Watson said he will not be involved in the Southern Ocean Sea Shepherd campaign this December because of the injunction.  However he was in the Southern Ocean last December when the injunction was issued and had no problem then.  Could it be the fugitive is fearing an arrest from the Japanese this whaling season? 

Since Paul Watson is the face of Sea Shepherd, who will replace him?  Flea-face?  No.  Peter   It has been noted Mr. Watson is not a credentialed sea captain.  I being a commissioned Admiral in the Texas Navy by Governor Rick Perry of Texas volunteer to take the helm of one of Sea Shepherd’s rust-bucket garbage scows, but will not be responsible of the vessel is scuttled in port. 
Helmethead and/or Cabin Boy? No.

Will Paul Watson become a landlubber while Tony develops sea legs? 

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