Thursday, November 7, 2013

India’s Mars probe and America the Stupid

India’s Mars probe and America the Stupid

Recently the on the sub-continent, the nation of India launched a Mars probe.  The launch is an enhancement to their space program.   India is a nation which has made remarkable progress in combating poverty, however around 400 million are still classified as living in poverty. 

This Mars probe is estimated to have cost around $73 million, money which perhaps could have been used to help those trapped in poverty.  Where “America the Stupid” comes in is the United States lavishes India with foreign aid.  For 2014 the foreign aid from the USA to India will be $91 million.  Basically it can be said Uncle Sam financed the Indian Mars probe.

The interesting aspect is it is estimated to launch a satellite in from the Indian space program is one-tenth the cost it would be from the American space program.  Meaning the USA is financing a space program that will compete with the American space program at one-tenth the cost. 

“America the Stupid,” soon to be “America without a space program.”           

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