Friday, April 30, 2010

Sea Shepherd, the fugitive captain - WANTED

The Japanese Coast Guard issued an arrest warrant for Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson (according to an article in the magazine The New Yorker, he is not a credentialed sea captain).

The Japanese will file this arrest warrant with INTERPOL (International Police Agency). The filing will be a "blue notice," meaning authorities are not be requested to apprehend and extradite Watson, but just to report on his whereabouts and activities. As oppose to a "red notice," which would have caused an arrest by member nations.

Peter Bethune who is currently in Japanese custody for his illegal boarding of a Japanese whaling vessel apparently has pointed the finger at Watson. "Peter the Lip" singing like a canary is reported to have admitted to throwing acid onto the Japanese decks, but claimed under the direction of Watson. Thus the issuance of the arrest warrant.

Watson is reportedly in the City of New York. It has been reported he is demanding to know from the Australian government if faces arrest if he returns to Down-under, Australia (Waltzing Matilda).


Devon McDonald said...

At Last. This has been a long time coming. I am hoping that this may be the end of the Sea Shepherd Society.

The Sea Shepherd Society is the most biased, unscientific, and blatantly misleading animal rights group out there today.

Anonymous said...

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KORN009 said...

you are absolutely right!i support you!!!!

Unknown said...

Love your stuff and sometimes refer to it on the Shareswatch Blog. See:

I am an Aussie in Japan who eats whale meat, so I guess that makes me pretty rare and a little odd hey ? :)

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Texas daddy, Love your videos! I am with you all the way. Thank you for sharing us your fantastic video and insight. I am Japanese and very concerned about issue between Sea Shepherd and Japanese whalers. Also, I am hard time understanding dolphin lovers. It looks like more BS pouring down to our head about dolphins like Animal Planet is going have the TV series version of the Cove. Would you do something about it if you are interested?