Sunday, July 16, 2017

South Korea’s discovered Comfort Women video exposes the truth

Link to the above video:

South Korea’s discovered
 Comfort Women video exposes the truth

The South Korean Seoul City government in concert with Seoul National University released a video of a film they located after two years of research.  The video / film were located at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, Maryland, outside Washington, DC.  The College Park National Archives campus is the repository for U.S. military records. 

It is a 1944 film documents Songshan, China, illustrating women surrounded by Chinese soldiers.  The narrator states “…several young women tremble in fear, they have terrified looks on their faces, and they are all barefoot.”

The women were in fear and terrified because they were just captured by the enemy: Chinese troops.  If they were truly held against their will by the Japanese, they would not have ”tremble in fear”….and…”have terrified looks on their faces.”

In two spots in the video / film the women are referred to as “POWs.”  Huh?  If they were truly rescued from slavery they would have been referred to as “recently freed,” or something like that, but not “POWs.”  Why did their Chinese liberators refer to them as “POWs?”  Easy, because they were part of the Japanese war machine enabling the Japanese, and contributing to their morale.  

The video / film show some documents.  One list the women’s name and ages.  One was 16, the rest in their 20’s and 30’s.  How can that be when many claim 14, 15, 16 year olds were dragged out of Korea by the Japanese military?

In another document it reads in part: ….they “were recruited through advertisements.”  Does that mean the Japanese recruited sex slaves through advertisements?  Who advertises for sex slaves? 

Understand this:  No one claims Comfort Women did not exists, the controversy is how they became Comfort Women.  Koreans claim they were forced, Japanese claim they were recruited.  This film /video seem to support the Japanese claim.  Could the people at Seoul National University be that stupid as to offer a film / video that contradicts their “sex slave” claim?

Full recently released Comfort Women video:

U.S. National Archives documents addressing the brothels in Japanese held territories:

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