Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"KUDAN" rap song about Japan's Kamikaze

Dear Mum and Dad
This is the only regret that I am facing this day without doing enough devotion to both of you.
My gratitude that I could not express to you, memories of each day I spent in my 20 years thick and short life. I strongly savor the meaning of my birth.
Please delete my name from your happiness.
The desired peace will come soon. Please do not feel sorry and live happily.
I am leaving now.  My mind is fresh, and it is like the large blue sky.
Please take care of yourself not to have sickness.
Now I grasp a control stick, watching beautiful islands that can be seen from the window,
Rivers, rice farms, large brave mountain, I honestly love them all.

I will not let anyone to terminate the shines of their eyes who are calm and tender minded.
I just want to protect all, I just want to protect all.
This is our battle to keep things which is necessary things for this country in the future.
Now I leave. Thank you Mum and Dad. We'll see you in Yasukuni.
In the wind scatters SAKURA petals, I am always here. (in Yasukuni)
During the strong sun shine in the Summer, I am always here.(in Yasukuni)
Under the moon light in the Autumn, I am always here. (in Yasukuni)
Under the cold and little snowy sky, I am always here (in Yasukuni)
Scattered SAKURA, Remaining SAKURA will be also Scattered
If the fate is fixed as Scattered Sakura petals,
Let's show beautiful flower now for all that I love.
No matter how hardships tomorrow will be, our mother country will fly up again. (flap again)
Let's fly by believing it with smile. Let's be the foundation of the day.
Don't cry, don't be sad. I am always caring and looking at you from now on.
It was short but I was happy, I could feel tranquil life.
My wife, please take good care of my parents and little children.
Thank you for everything you have done for me. I am proud of you like that.
And to my children, help your mother, keep her instruction, try to help her as much as you can.
Help each other between brothers and sisters, study hard and be brought up magnificently.
Protect your mother on behalf of your father, protect house as your father has been done.
I could not do anything like father for you but at least listen to my words at my last moment.
From now on, it will be your generation. Bright tomorrow will surely come.
I want you to keep your hope in your life. I hope you to keep your life as long as you can.
You are not lonely. We can meet at any time. I am always waiting for you at shrine at Kudan (Yasukuni)
Then let's talk happily with our whole family again
To my wife, to my children, we will meet at Yasukuni
In the wind that scatters SAKURA petals, I am always here. (in Yasukuni)
During the strong sun shine in the Summer, I am always here.(in Yasukuni)
Under the moon light in the Autumn, I am always here. (in Yasukuni)
Under the cold and snowy sky, I am always here (in Yasukuni)
Remember Japanese. Record it Japanese.
Their passion, their battle
Do not leave your eyes from there.
Un-avoidable battle, an unprecedented crisis
We never brake up. Hope and ambitious.
The value of the word "peace," know deeply, carve strongly into the heart.
Still young life, scattered for the battle
The preciousness was not notified accurately.
We were too ignorant for their happiness and sadness.
We all know the importance of the life so we stand up to protect something more important.
This will add the value on the most important life.
I am absolutely inferior to your honest readiness of your life.
But I want to face to the same direction
Now listen those voices of their heart carefully.  Lead their feeling for the future.

The sky where wind is fragrant, above the cloud, I am always here (in Yasukuni)
The place above the slope where friends are waiting, I am always here (in Yasukuni)
If you visit here at any time, I am always here (in Yasukuni)
Always and forever without any change.

もうすぐきっと平和が来ます 悲しまず楽しく生きてください
唯今より 出発します 心爽やか大空のようです
病など召しませぬよう お二人ともどうかお元気で
操縦桿を握る今 眼下の美しい島々
川や田畑、雄大な山 俺は全てを愛して止まん
そして此処に 息づく人々穏やかで優しい その瞳の
輝きを決して消させない 唯、守りたい。唯、守りたい。
この国の未来に無くてはならない ものを守る俺達の戦い
吾いざ征かん 父さん母さん ありがとう 靖國で会いましょう
桜舞い散る風の中 俺はここにいるから
夏の暑い日差しの中 俺はここにいるから
秋の月明かりの下 俺はここにいるから
小雪舞い散る空の下 俺はいつもここにいるから
散る桜 残る桜も 散る桜
愛するものの為 今は咲こう
たとえ明日は辛くとも必ず 祖国はまた再び羽ばたく
そう信じ 笑って飛び立とう その日の為 礎となろう
泣くな悲しむな これからは お前らをずっと見守ってるから
短くはあったが幸せだった 心の平穏を味わった
妻よ 父を母をくれぐれも頼む 幼い子供達を頼む
俺に今まで尽くしてくれて有難う そんなお前を誇りに思う
そして我が子たちよ 母を助け 言いつけを守って 孝養を尽くせ
兄弟仲良く助け合って 勉学に励め 立派に育て
父に代わり母を守れ 父の分も家を守れ
父として何もしてやれなかったが せめてこの最期の言葉を聴け
これからはお前らの時代になる 必ず明るい明日が来る
だから希望忘れず生きて欲しい 命ある限り生きて欲しい
寂しくはない いつでも会える 九段の社で待っている
そして家族でまた楽しく話そう 妻よ子よ 靖國で会おう
桜舞い散る風の中 夏の暑い日差しの中
秋の月明かりの下 小雪舞い散る空の下
日本よ 記憶せよ 日本よ 記録せよ
彼らの想い 彼らの戦い
避けられぬ戦い 未曾有の危機
しかし決して折れない 希望と意志
平和という言葉の重み 深く知り 強く心に刻み
まだ若き命 散らし戦った
彼らの喜びも悲しみも 俺たちは知らな過ぎた余りにも
誰よりも命の大切さ 解っているからこそ命より大切な
何かを護る為に立ち上がる その命に何よりも価値が在る
今 彼らの声に耳を澄ませ その想い 未来へ繋げ
風薫る空 あの雲の上 俺はいつもここにいるから
友が待つ あの坂の上 俺はいつもここにいるから
お前が此処に来れば必ず 俺はいつもここにいるから

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OsamaBinHeadshot said...

This is a sad attempt to re-imagine an alternate future where the war was won by the combatants. Like those contemporary US Civil War songs from the South. In both cases the losers started the war, couldn't win, and their descendants spend eternity pretending that the battle was righteous rather than a vicious land grab (Japan) or struggle to retain the right to keep slaves (South).

Shinden9 said...

This isn't a piece about the nation, or the politics, or the race in a war. What we never hear in our history classes, and thus what we never think to consider, is the roles of the individuals. While the politics and reasoning behind kamikaze were bastardized, idiotic and programmed simply for propaganda, the individuals and their families see it as a great sacrifice. We should always respect the individual, but be consistently skeptical of the politics, no matter what the alliance.