Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sea Shepherd / Ady Gil - Sayonara

Sea Shepherds Ady Gil slams into the Shonan Maru No. 2 and blame the Japanese. Sea Shepherd continues to hurl bottles of butyric acid on the decks of the whaling ships. The girly men have employed a laser device (Photonic Disruptor). The intended use of this device by the girly men was to temporally blind the Japanese whalers when harpooning the whales to save them from being captured.

However the Ady Gil's crew of cowards used the laser device on a Japanese ship not engaged in whaling or harpooning. Could it be when Sea Shepherd used the laser device on the Japanese ship it caused the pilot to be blinded thus causing the ship to ram into the Ady Gil? Making Sea Shepherd responsible for the damage done to the Ady Gil donated to them. However looking at the video it is clear the Ady Gil purposely accelerated towards the Japanese ship.

The Ady Gil cost around $1.5 million and was donated. Spoil children to not properly care for items given to them they do not have to work for. Thus their reckless behavior with the Ady Gil. About two years ago the Canadians confiscated their ship and they just left it there and purchased a new ship with money donated from suckers around the globe.

Photographs and videos courtesy of The Institute of Cetacean Research.
Artist rendering courtesy of Tony, aka: PropagandaBuster, aka: Commodore Tony
Girly men courtesy of improper rearing.

Sea Shepherd complained the whalers used LRAD last whaling season saying it was illegal. Then how come Sea Shepherd is using LRAD this season? When did it become legal?

Sea Shepherd felt justified in ramming the Japanese ships in past whaling season, now complain of a ramming they are accusing the Japanese of doing.


may said...

the sea sheperd aren't using the l-rad, the l-rad you hear in the video is that of the japanese. also, as u can see in the video the seasheppard are on the front/side of the ship. if you look at a picture of the nisshin maru: you will see that there that: a. where the captain steers, is elevated, making it nearly impossible for the laser to be of use, given such close proximity (to hit the harpoon gunner, they would have to be at a distance, not right there, so how could they hit the captain) b: there are large beams that would make it even harder to hit the captain at such close quarters:,0.jpg

may said...

also there is no evidence they used the laser in the first place, on this non-whaling boat. they only have history of using it on boats that actually whale. also, as for the wake, couldn't it be the japanese wake that went under the boat going out the other side. (keep in mind the ship is designed to go through waves and push water beneath it.

may said...
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bobble said...


If you will look at other pictures of the incident, in particular Yahoo news has several, you will see that indeed the crew of Ady Gil and the crew of the Barker were both using the green lasers.

bobble said...

In fact here's an excellent picture of the laser from the Ady Gil:

Sorry but Paul and his band of pirates do everything to provoke the other ships then scream about the 'unprovoked attacks' which is nothing but a terrorist mentality.

bobble said...

Oh yea and another thing May, this wasn't the big processing ship the Nisshin Maru, it was a much smaller ship the Shonan Maru No. 2.

Seems like you were wrong all around eh?

may said...

if u look at when all the laser pictures were taken, it was on december 23, not the day of the of the incident. therefore there's no evidence of the lasers being used at the incident.

I was wrong about the ship, but if you look, at a picture of this ship too, this ship has a spotter, and a captain to keep an eye out, both are in two different locations and communicate with each other. Since there are two people, three if you count the co-captain who would be unhurt, the laser would have to hit: the top barrel, the captain who is on the top bridge, and the cocaptain, which is extremely unlikely. (picture here:

Third of all, you didn't aknowledge all of the flaws I found with the original article, including the claim that SSCS is using the LRAD, and that the wake could be from the japanese ship or from reverse.

Looks like you failed.

may said...

also this video clearly shows the collision:

and it is obvious from this video the japanese did hit it purposely.

bobble said...

C'mon now May,

Do you *REALLY* think the guys on Ady Gil weren't using everything they had on board to piss off the Japanese boat? Just because there wasn't a picture of the laser right at that moment doesn't mean they weren't doing everything possible, as they normally do, to harrass the Japanese boat. That doesn't even pass the laugh test.

Bottom line is Watson and his crew who have publicly declared war got beat at their own game yesterday AND utterly wasted nearly 2 million dollars in the process! The Ady Gil was the fastest and smallest open ocean boat on the planet and the mickey mouse idiot driving it couldn't get out of the way of a ship that was 10 times as large.

If Watson would actually just say "yea we provoked them like we do all the time to keep them from whaling" I'd have at least a tiny bit of respect for their fight. Instead we have them crying wolf about an "unprovoked attack" by the Japanese ship when they all do is provoke the Japanese. Fortunately anyone with a modicum of common sense can see through the fake whining coming from the Sea Shepherds.

An Epic Fail on a global stage!

may said...
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may said...

so u r saying that because sea shepherd makes their boat smell like rotten butter, the japanese have the right to nearly kill them (no one died but if they were ten feet further to the left they would have) and sink their ship purposely? so if u harass me i have the right to kill you even though it isn't in self defense, just out of sheer anger? by your logic you are condoning killing someone for pissing you off.

look at the new video i posted in my last post, it shows that the japanese did it purposely. very clearly, there's no way that it was a camera angle.

also i never denied that the sea shepherd pissed them off, you are the one who said sea shepherd blinded them, you denied, i proved you wrong, that's it, you were wrong and now your saying i said that they aren't harassing them.

As for you calling them terrorists, if someone eggs your house are they are a terrorist, or a vandal? If someone slashes your tires are you terrorist? NO.
Fail at definitions, morals and rebuttal.

keiji said...

They were armed.

may said...

Even it isn't a direct lie, since the arrow wasn't on the tape, and on one of the tapes you can see the entire crew, could it be possible that the japanese planted it there?

Second it may be a direct lie: No-one should believe the Japanese media, they are worse than fox. For example, are you aware that mixed in with whale meat, is dolphin meat, which is highly toxic in mercury? You can't deny it. All governments will lie, including the Japanese.

George J said...

Morning Commodore!

You videos on the Ady Gil and the pirates at Sea Shepard inspired me to draw a cartoon over at my humble little cartoon blog.

As for May's uninformed comments, the use of l-rad is a universally recognized non-violent method for repelling pirates - I'm sure that is what the Japanese were using it for!

I don't support whaling, but I don't support senseless grandstanding by egomaniacs! The crew of the Ady Gil is damned lucky that none of them got killed. The skipper of that boat should be hauled in and tried in an Admiralty Court as the pirate he is.

may said...

George J, I never said that the japanese shouldn't be allowed to use the l-rad, I just corrected Commodore for saying the Sea Shepherd used it too.

George J said...

The tone of your post(s) imply that you might feel that using the Japanese ship using L-rad is, well, lets just call it "dirty pool".

The actions of these so-called Sea Shepards are tantamount to piracy. Especially when it comes to blinding crew members with lasers and fouling a ships propelers and/or steering gear with steel cables - which Sea Shepard has done in the past.

This goes way beyond petty "vandalism".

Keep in mind,a ship that has been disable in the Southern Ocean, even a relatively large ship, like the Japanese whalers is in a life threatening situation.

There is no doubt that at the last moment the Ady Gil applied forward thrust in an attempt to ensure a collision with the Shonan Maru No 2. The Ady Gil should have been no where near that ship!

Paul Watson and his bunch are criminal - the are the Eric Rudolf's of the conservation movement and are doing it more harm than good.

They should be tried and jail.

may said...

it's funny you think they are pirates because in order to be a pirate they cannot have 'state athourity', and need to be in foreign waters. (At least internationally.) And the sea shepherd flies under the dutch flag, and with australia openly giving them port (permission), in Australia's territory, so wouldn't be the Japanese be pirates because they are in foreign waters and not listening to the Australian's rules on those waters? After all they are the one's not listening to the Australians. It's perfectly legal, and they are essentially a blackwater for austriala's navy.

Also, don't argue that it's life threatening for the whalers: 1st of all: no-one has even said for sure if someone was temporarly blinded. 2nd: they are 5 other ships in the fleet, within an hours distance, of each other. so if one boat was disabled, it wouldn't be a threat. 3rd: The whalers almost just killed these people, and you believe that sea shepherd is the larger threat?

bobble said...

You're right May, pirate isn't the right word EXCEPT that they actually use the jolly roger as their flag.

If you search with "jolly roger" on you get, what do ya know, this link: "" for piracy! Looks pretty familiar?

I actually don't think pirate is the correct term for Watson and his crews, a more correct term is ecological terrorists just like ELF, ALF and PETA who use their own distorted and twisted logic to justify unlawful behavior, violence and outright hypocrisy.

Just like a terrorist.

George J said...

First, whether or not the Japanese were in Australian waters is debatable. Australians claim in Antartica is only recognized by the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France and Norway.

Second, just because the fly a Dutch flag doesn't mean that the Dutch condones there actions, or, for that matter, even knows what they are doing.

Third, for Sea Shepherd to operated as an official agent of the Australian (or any other)Government would require them to be issued a Letter of Marque by said government - they weren't.

Fourth, your callous dismissal of the serious nature of disabling a ship in that part of the world proves that A) you have never been to sea, and B) you have never been in the Southern Ocean. Commonwealth Bay where all of this took place, is touted as The Windiest Place in the World - Storm can spring up out of nowhere and render any possible assistance form nearby ships unlikely.

Fifth, if the lasers are so "harmless" you obviously won't mind if Commodore Tony stops by and zaps you in the eyes.

Finally, the actual definition of a "pirate" is one who robs at sea without having a commision to do so from any soveriegn nation. By interfering with the Japanese whaling operations (which are legal under a "loophole" that allows them to take whales for "research") Sea Shepherd is "robbing" the Japanese whalers at sea and they are not authorized to do so by any sovereign nation.

They are pirates.

may said...

They are authorized/commissioned and even paid by the dutch and australia, both of which are sovereign nations. Both nations are aware of what's going, and they say that it is okay, and therefore once again, the sea shepherd is actually. Therefore they aren't pirates, they are essentially the Dutch Navy in that area. (

As for the 'flag', yes they use that pirate 'flag' but they also use the 'Dutch flag' which is what country they get authorized from.

And you'll love this, the Netherlands have agreed to allow sea shepherd to sue the Japanese for piracy in their country, because the government believes the tape shows 'premeditated action'. The Netherlands are also investigating the Japanese as piracy, because under their state law, damaging a ship intentionally is piracy, and they say they already have enough evidence to put them on trial, specifically the video. Have you heard of the Japanese saying the sea shepherd went towards them yet?Why aren't the Japanese pursuing charges in the state of the Netherlands? (here:

As for everything else you said, this leads me to believe you are far more radicalized than sea shepherd, but with a polar opposite opinion., misinformed about piracy laws, because Australia knows what they are doing obviously (and so do the Dutch it's kind of hard not to with all this media coverage) and they let them port. If they were pirates, Australia would have the right to arrest them.
Commodore can come on over and shoot a laser into my eyes if it really makes you feel better.

may said...

Also these are the laws the Japanese are breaking:
"1. The Japanese are whaling in violation of the International Whaling Commission's global moratorium on commercial whaling. The IWC scientific committee does not recognize the research that the Japanese are using as an excuse.
2. The Japanese are killing whales in the internationally recognised Southern Ocean Sanctuary for whales.
3. The Japanese are killing whales unlawfully in the Australian Antarctic Territory (Australian Law - Federal Court judgement January 2008 under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999)
4. The Japanese are targeting fin whales and humpback whales. One is listed as an endangered species and the other listed as a threatened species. This is a violation of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, of which both Japan and Australia are signatories.
5. The Japanese are in violation of IWC regulation 19. (a) The IWC regulations in the Schedule to the Convention forbid the use of factory ships to process any protected stock: 19. (a) It is forbidden to use a factory ship or a land station for the purpose of treating any whales which are classified as Protection Stocks in paragraph 10. Paragraph 10(c) provides a definition of Protection Stocks and states that Protection Stocks are listed in the Tables of the Schedule. Table 1 lists all the baleen whales, including minke, fin and humpback whales and states that all of them are Protection Stocks.
6. The IWC regulations specifically ban the use of factory ships to processy any whales except minke whales: Paragraph 10(d) provides: "(d) Notwithstanding the other provisions of paragraph 10 there shall be a moratorium on the taking, killing or treating of whales, except minke whales, by factory ships or whale catchers attached to factory ships. This moratorium applies to sperm whales, killer whales and baleen whales, except minke whales."
7. the presence of military/ security forces breaches the Antarctic treaty
8. the whaling fleet regularly refuels in the treaty zone below 60 degrees south in breach of the Antarctic treaty. In October 2008 the whaling fleet's refueling and cargo vessel, Oriental Bluebird, was deflagged following a ruling by Panamian Authorities. The maximum fine of 10,000 Balboas (US$10,000) was imposed on the owners of the ship, Hiyo Shipping Co. Ltd, in Japan who on October 8th removed its Panamanian registration and flag. Japan has ratified an international treaty which seeks to end the practice of 're-flagging' vessels in order to circumvent international environmental law.
9. the Whaling fleet fails to submit Environmental Management Plans in case of a maritime disaster in the Treaty zone which breaches the Antarctic treaty. The Nisshin Maru factory ship caught fire in 2007 losing all power including to its engines. One crew member died. An environmental disaster was threatened, but did not eventuate."

Gavin MacQueen said...
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Gavin MacQueen said...

If you look at the footage shot from the Ady Gil, the crew is relaxing in a non combative mode just talking among themselve. Then, all of a sudden, you hear the Shonan Maru No. 2 sound off it's L-Rad. As you're watching the Shonan Maru No. 2 approach the Ady Gil, the Shonan Maru No. 2 appears to look as if it's going to pass saftly fore of the Ady Gil.

At this time, there really doesn't appear to be any sign off danger. It's not until about the last 15 seconds, you see the Shonan Maru No. 2 begin to make a hard starboard turn moving towards the Ady Gil.

At this point it appears that the Shonan Maru No. 2 just wanted to get close enough to be with in firing range of their water cannons.

I don't think anyone on the Ady Gil anticipated that the Shonan Maru No. 2 was going to intentionally try to hit them.

Now, when you shift to the footage taken from the Bob Barker, it's not until the bitter end, as the Shonan Maru No. 2 approaches the Ady Gil, that you see the Ady Gil begin to move forward in what appears to be an attempt to get out of the path of the Shonan Maru No. 2 as it continues to make it's hard starboard turn.

For a moment, it looks like the Ady Gil might be able to avoid the collision by moving forward in hopes that the Shonan Maru No. 2 would make way aft of the Ady Gil...but at the last moment, you see the Shonan Maru No. 2 all of a sudden start a hard port turn resulting in the collision. It was if Shonan Maru No. 2 had a spotter reporting the Ady Gils every move to bridge to insure a direct direct hit.

I agree with May, that if any ones behavior falls under that label of "Pirates" it's definitely the Japanese. I also believe that the arrows that the Japanese claim they found floating out of the wreckage were planted.

Also, the SSCS's flag is not purely "jolly roger" as it doesn't render the iconic "skull and bones". If you look at the SSCS's flag, you'll see that it renders a skull, a trident spear, and a shepherd's staff.

George J said...

"Both nations are aware of what's going, and they say that it is okay..."

Then why did Australia refuse an entry visa to Paul Watson?

Why has Costa Rica charged Watson and Rob Stewart with attempted murder (seven counts)

Why was Watson convicted in abstentia by the Norwegian governmet of attempting to t sink the Nybr├Žnna?

Why is Watson a persona non grata in Iceland for disabling two ship in an Icelandic harbor.

Why was Watson expelled from the board of directors of Greenpeace by a vote of 11 to 1 (with Watson himself casting the sole opposing vote).

You claim that Denmark supports Watson's operation, however, there is no documented evidence of this - the only thing that comes close is Denmarks refusal to hand over Watson to Norway for his crimes - that is kind of like saying France supports rape an murder for refusing to extradite Ira Einhorn back to the U.S. on charges that he murdered Holly Maddux!

may said...

1. Australia eventually accepted his visa
2. Nybraena happened when sea shepherd didn't even exist, and sea shepherd is an organization, not just paul.
3.Costa Rica were just charges, there was never any proof for conviction. in addition he claims, that these charges are related to the shark finning mafia, which is likely because costa rica has a large mafia, and shark fins are a good source of money.
4. he's a persona non grata because iceland doesn't support him
5. the dutch DONATED to sea shepherd, i gave you link in one of my previous responses, and the fact you are unware of this means your cherry picking here.
6. He was expelled from greenpeace cause of the nyarebena, but this was the only conviction that watson has ever had.

George J said...

I think you are wrong about the Dutch...

This is from Sea Shepherd's own website! (minus the racist propaganda against the Japanese!)

"On request of the Dutch Transport and Water Management Inspectorate, the Dutch Public Ministry investigated and determined it is not feasible to start a legal prosecution. The Dutch cabinet is now considering a ban against Sea Shepherd vessels sailing under the Dutch flag. Public Works State Secretary Tineke Huizinga said she wants to amend the law quickly to make this possible."

Just google Dutch Ban Sea Shepherd


citrine said...

First, I am poor at English. I'm sorry.

Please watch this movie.

Seashepherd said that a boat set, but what is left though oil flows out in the sea comes out.

Unknown said...

Whales are part of the ecosystem, planet Earth needs them (like all creatures on earth). Sea Shepherd decided to make war to people who kill the whales, so kill the planet... so kill human being.
Do you think we will have enough spacial rockets for every human beings to go to another planet when our Earth will die?
There is an emergency.
I don't like violence and Paul Watson knows that most of the people doesn't like it. His favorite weapons are the medias. If you not agree with this association, I hope you try to make something for the planet with another organization instead of criticize what is on place.
Thank you and sorry for my english.

Anonymous said...

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