Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sea Shepherd / Ady Gil - the continuum

The damaged Ady Gil was being towed by a cable attached to a new Sea Shepherd ship, the Bob Barker registered in New Zealand. Sea Shepherd claims the cable snapped and the Ady Gil sunk. Huh? Videos clearly show the Ady Gil floating at sea, not sunk.

The Ady Gil was successful in waking up the Japanese Samurai while saying sayonara. If the Shonan Maru did deliberately ram into the Ady Gil (all though video demonstrates otherwise) it was in their right to do so as it would have been a defensive maneuver.
The Ady Gil kept criss-crossing the bow of the ship, kept aiming their green laser at the Japanese mariners (can cause blindness either temporary or permanent). Then the crew of the Ady Gil fired arrows at the Japanese ship. Do they now think they are Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest? You can say criss-crossing, acid bottles thrown on deck, and the green laser are not lethal. But can you say being on the business end of a projected arrow is not lethal?

So with this deadly escalation by the children of Sea Shepherd, perhaps the Japanese had no choice but to defend themselves and ram into the bat boat thus eliminating this lethal weapon created by Sea Shepherd.

While Sea Shepherd is expending all these resources to this one lone non-whaling Japanese ship, the rest of the Japanese whaling fleet is harpooning one whale after another. So after creating all this dramatic video for Whale Wars, how many whales did they save? Zero! Now ask how much will their sought after donations increase? This past season Sea Shepherd brought in 8 million dollars, how much this season?
Article in reference to the Norwegians upset over the miss use of their flag:

Link to an excellent video explaining the event from a different perspective:

Videos and photograph (arrows retrieved from the sea) of the activities in the Southern Ocean courtesy of The Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR).
Artist rendering courtesy of Tony, aka: PropagandaBuster, aka: Commodore Tony
Girly men courtesy of improper rearing.

Product endorsement: Video taken of Tony inside and outside the home taken with a digital camera from Canon the PowerShot SD1200 IS. It is 10 mega pixels and has a video mode. Only light source used was the natural lighting outside coming in through the windows. Also takes outstanding still photos. Cost around $149.00 at BestBuy.


George J said...

You know, Commodore, all posturing aside, any rational person has to ask himself (or herself) one glaring question...

How does a state of the art power trimaran, capable of 40 knots get run down by an ancient research ship whose maximum speed is 12 knots?

Inquiring minds want to know!

neonzebra said...

If you were sitting on a really really fast parked motorcycle at the side of the road and I was barreling towards you in a big clumsy Mac truck, I bet you anything I could run you over.

George J said...

I'll bet you couldn't, because I'd be smart enough to stay the hell out of your way!


Unknown said...

Dear Sir.
My name is Masaya Hasegawa.
I cannot speak English well. I'm sorry...
I am always enjoying your unique animation. It made one Japanese happy.

Really really really Thank you very much!!

Please come to the Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa city in my hometown if you are good. I will always welcome it.

A Japanese sentence is put below. Because it is difficult to tell you the gratitude in my English.


YUKIN said...

Father Texas,nice to meet you.
I am a junior high school student in Japan.
I was sincerely impressed to see the insistence with your you tube.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a terrorist group.
They are professional groups that collect the capitals from the enterprise in the excuse as for the environmental protection. Japanese Government should deal strongly with them more.

I also am doing the blog. This topic was made an article.

Hereafter, it will look forward to your comment.

Josh said...

Tony, the arrow you show is not an arrow...i found a video made by the japanese whalers showing the same scene but they called it a color ball. if you watch it you will see it is a ball shape until the camera goes out of focus. thats the bit you show. please watch: watch?v=22rOVoFjeDE&feature=re lated i trust you will correct this mistake!? A color ball in japanese is like a paintball used at banks etc.

Josh said...
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albertaboy said...

Hi Tony. I have always enjoyed watching your videos. Please keep them coming.

2469samurai said...

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I prey your and USA and the world happy.

好青年 said...

Great job.
Texas oyaji.

Please be fine from now on and do your best.

ZERO said...

Dear Commodore Tony
My name is Zero. I am an Japanease blogger.

I am enjoying your short movie, especially translated one.

I had written a novel of the "Ady Gil" for the soul of the ship.

Because the ship "Ady Gil" is intresting technically and dramatically.

Novel "I am a speedboat."

the Ady Gil RIP.