Sunday, January 3, 2010

Constitutional rights for terrorist

Christmas Day Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab on Northwest flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit attempted and failed to blow up the jet. Upon landing in Detroit this enemy combatant was turned over to civilian authorities and lawyered up. This bum should have been turned over to military authorities to be dealt with and interrogated. However the current leadership of the Democrats Party fight wars in the courts and not on the battlefield.

Delegate to the Constitutional Convention, George Washington while performing his duties as General Washington had British spy John Andre (he was an accomplice to Benedict Arnold). Mr. Andre faced a military tribunal, not a civilian court and was executed by hanging within a year of being captures.

During World War Two eight German (Nazi) saboteurs was captured in the USA, and liberal Democrat President Franklyn Roosevelt (FDR), did not turn these enemy combatants to a civilian court. Instead a secret military tribunal was held and within two years of being captured, six were executed.

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