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The two wings of Sea Shepherd

The two wings of Sea Shepherd

Summer of 2014 Sea Shepherd sent their minions masquerading as clowns from the floating circus to the Faroe Islands.  Their stated goal was to break Faroese law by interfering with a Grind.  A “Grind” (pronounced “grend”) is the harvesting of whales.  The summer campaign titled “Grindstop 2014.”

The Sea Shepherd clowns were true to their bravado and attempted to interfere with a Grind.  Resulting in a number of clowns being arrested and deported.  These clowns had no fear of being arrested or deported.  To them it was worth the arrest and deportation to save the whales.  Never mind their actions did nothing to save any whales.  Remember with these types of liberals they are not to be judged by the results, but by their intentions.        

Contrast that with Sea Shepherd’s other group, the Cove Coward Guardians (Cove Guardians).  This group of clowns infests the Japanese village of Taiji.  They claim their reason for traveling to Taiji is to document for the world the horrors of the dolphin harvesting that takes place there.  Yes these brave defenders of the sea can be seen standing at the water’s edge, with arms crossed in self-righteous indignation. 

On their Facelessbook page (Facebook) their minions are constantly imploring the Cove Clown Guardians to take direct action such as cutting the nets, sinking the boats, or untying the boats from the docks.  The clowns return with if they break the law they will be deported and then not able to document for the world the horrors of Taiji.

Incorrect.  Previously those who unintentionally violated Japanese law were arrested and deported.  However the rest of the clowns were left to stay in Taiji to continue their documenting.  Only those who broke the law were arrested and deported, not the whole group.

In the Faroe Islands only those who broke the law were arrested and deported, while the remaining members of the circus were left to continue their performances.  We have here Sea Shepherd behaving as if they are two different groups.  The Faroe Islands group no fear of being arrested, while the Taiji group shivers in fear of being arrested.  Why?

The group of clowns that went to the Faroe Islands are basically from Europe.  They are in essence trash from Europe.  They are the ones in the streets when economic summits take place in Europe.  They march in the streets in support of anarchy.  To them being arrested in the Faroe Islands is not a hindrance, but a goal, a modus operandi.     

While most of the coward clowns that go to Taiji arrive from Australia and the United States.  Two countries where the males in the last forty years have been neutered, severely handicapped by political correctness, and schooled in conflict resolution.  To this group shivering in fear is a natural condition.

That is why we have one group Sea Shepherd behaving as if they are two distinctly separate groups.  All though it is true their operational methods are diametrically opposite their common denominator, unifying factor is their blind devotion to the leader of the cult, pope Paul the Watson.   

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Sea Shepherd is a discrimination principle violation of human rights group.