Friday, December 26, 2014

Non-Human Person

Non-Human Person

Lunatic liberals in the USA have so far been unsuccessful in their attempts to have human rights afforded to members of the primate family, specifically to orangutans / apes.  Perhaps these clowns (the humans, not the apes) should look to their counter-parts south in Argentina, South America.

A court in Buenos Aires ruled an orangutan to be a “non-human person.”  Did it take a court to notice the obvious?  According to liberals any creature with a heart-beat is a “person.”  So far it is acceptable to classify orangutans as being non-human.  Labeling an orangutan as a “non-human person” is only stating the obvious.

This ruling will place the orangutan from its current confinement to a sanctuary.  Placing the non-person human in a sanctuary still relegates it to confinement, although larger than the current confinement, none-the-less still being held captive. 

The lawyer involved in the Argentina case is quoted as stating in the Malaysian and Indonesian languages the word “orangutan” means “forest man.”  The inference being “man” in the interpretation implies validation to the non-human person classification. 

With that lack of logic how about awarding non-human person status to the “man” in the moon?  Then there is the snowMAN who would enjoy this enhanced classification.  

Criminal Watson noted on his Facelessbook page the ruling and contemplated such classifications be awarded to primates, dolphins, whales, and elephants.  Imagine going to work one morning and having an orangutan sitting next to you on the subway hurling it’s poop at other commuters.  The new world order brought to you by lunatic liberals and one criminal.   

Link to criminal Watson’s Facelessbook (Facebook) page; see comment dated 12 /22 / 2014 4:29 PM:
Non-human person

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