Friday, December 26, 2014

Is God a Nazi?

Is God a Nazi?

Recently a good friend in Tokyo, Japan Mr. Nishimura illustrated a picture of starlight mints.  The mints are white, circular, with red rays emitting from the middle.  Some would think these mints resemble Japan’s navy flag, the Rising Sun flag.  There are some lunatics in South Korea and the United States of Korean heritage who hallucinate the Rising Sun flag as being equal to the Nazi flag.  In their determination to bash Japan they complain about anything remotely resembling the Rising Sun flag.  They are obsessed with looking for ways to be offended. 

Perhaps some may reply this may be a bit of a reach.  Really?

Recently I posted on my Facebook page a photograph created using a Nikon S9500 of the sun rising in Texas.  It was basically the sun behind a cloud emitting rays from the cloud.  Complaints filed with Facebook because it resembled the Rising Sun flag of Japan.  Facebook complied and removed God’s work.  Apparently God’s work of the sun rising in the morning emitting rays around a cloud is seen as the work of a Nazi.   Did these lunatics and Facebook accuse God of being a Nazi?

There is a Chase bank in Brooklyn, New York with a mural on an outside wall.  In the mural is a sun either rising or setting emitting sun rays.  Some people of Korean heritage in New York behaving like rabid  animals complained to Chase and demanded the offending mural be corrected.

It is refreshing to see various units of the United State military incorporating into their unit’s insignia the Japanese Navy Rising Sun flag.   

Note:  Three rising sun photographs created using a Nikon S9500 camera.  Photographed in Texas.

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Rising sun in Texas, USA

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☆:*・゚ A HAPPY NEW YEAR! ☆:*・゚♪
There are really embarrassing people.
They complain to a world map, the culture of other countries, a tradition, a trademark, a design of the, every thing.