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Japan: A red, white, and blue Christmas

Japan: A red, white, and blue Christmas

Many people around the world love things that are American, but do not like Americans.  In Japan it seems the people like both that which is American and Americans.  American flag or American centric designs can be seen on many articles of clothing worn by the Japanese. 

Watch a Japanese movie or television show closely and most likely you will see the red, white, and blue, or a positive reference to the USA. 

American television / movies are filled with perversion, promotion of debauchery, assault upon the culture.  While in Japan their movies / television viewed thus far celebrate their culture while not promoting negative behavior.  Most notable with Japanese entertainment is their lack of fear of religion and people of faith.

Now transpose that to the entertainment industry in the USA and you will experience a full assault on religion, people of faith, the nation, and culture.  In the Japanese television series “Nobuta wo Produce,” one of the actors twice in the series motions “the sign of the cross,” a Roman Catholic gesture.

In the same program in a Christmas scene “Silent Night” is played in the background, “Merry Christmas,” displayed on a window.  Now in the USA 21st century the music would be “Deck the Halls,” and displayed on the window one would see “Season Greetings.” 

Promotion of their culture in popular entertainment:  Watch a Japanese scene where they are about to eat at home and almost always you will hear them say “Itadakimasu.”  Simplistic interpretations: it is a form of giving thanks, grace. 

On these same programs when one enters the home, you will hear “Tadaima.”  Meaning basically, “I am home,” or “I returned.”  Itadakimasu and tadaima are cultural norms in Japan they both are incorporated into their popular culture.  It is a promotion of the culture not degradation. 

While Japanese entertainment celebrates their culture, the entertainment industry in the USA viciously attacks and degrades all aspects of the American culture which are wholesome, patriotic, respectful, and religious.  Hollywood’s goal is to tear down the culture in the USA, while in Japan the culture is celebrated and promoted.  That is why I love Japan.          

The “torii” is a symbol of Japan’s Shintoism, a religious artifact.  The torii can be seen in many parts of Japan transcending public roads.  Since the Japanese have no fear of religion, notable objections to these displays are difficult to locate.  Can you image the outcry if a religious artifact transcended a public road in the USA?  Many in the USA have developed a psychotic fear of anything religious, especially if it is Christian.  This psychotic fear is purposely encouraged by Hollywood.  No fear of religion, and reason of why I love Japan.

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