Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chairman Obama embraces the Castro Brothers

Chairman Obama embraces the 
Castro Brothers

President Barack Obama (Chairman Obama) has decreed a normalization of relations with Communist Cuba led by the Castro Brothers - Fidel Castro and Raul Castro.

Why maintain the embargo in this 21st century?  The USA freely trades with Communist Vietnam and Communist led China, so why not Cuba?  Remember the USA lost over 58,000 lives fighting the Communist in Vietnam.  The USA lost over 36,000 lives during the Korean War fighting support from the Communist government in China.  What war did the USA engage with Cuba?  None. 

Very simple:  Fight the USA, kill Americans, the enjoy free trade.  Do not fight the USA and do not kill Americans, then enjoy a USA embargo.

How can Chairman Obama lift the Cuban embargo when it was enacted by six separate pieces of legislation from the United States Congress.  They are:

-          Trading with the Enemy Act
-          Foreign Assistance Act
-          Cuba Assets Control Regulations
-          Cuban Democracy Act
-          Helms-Burton Act
-          Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act

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