Friday, December 26, 2014

The Pope, the commies, and the Dalai Lama

The Pope, the commies, and the Dalai Lama

Roman Catholic Pope Francis declined to have an audience with the Tibetan Buddhist Dalai Lama.  The Vatican was concerned about upsetting the Communist-led government in China.  Really?

The Vatican as well as others who aim to placate communist should understand there are no compromises with communist or trust.  Communist / Communism demands total submission, anything less is unacceptable to be dealt with as an adversary. 

Recently the Associated Press reported China’s aggressive anti-Christian profile accelerating.  The Communist in Beijing as with Communist world-wide fear religion feeding their paranoia. 

“Better dead than red,” is a mantra from the United States in the 1950’s needing a resurrection.      

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