Monday, December 29, 2014

Bank on the difference

Bank on the difference

A recent photograph of a Chase Bank in Brooklyn, New York illustrated the difference with the same bank in two separate locations in the USA.

The photograph of the Chase Bank in Brooklyn demonstrates extraordinary efforts to secure the building.  The side door is made of metal, side window protected with heavy metal bars.  Atop the window are two surveillance cameras focused on the window below.  To secure the two surveillance cameras, two cages were placed around them. 

Compare the Brooklyn Chase Bank with a Chase Bank in Dallas County, Texas.  The Texas bank has a metal side door just like the one in Brooklyn, there the similarities come to an abrupt end.  No metal bars on the windows.  No visible surveillance cameras thus eliminating the need to cage them in.

The driving distance between Brooklyn and Dallas is around 1,500 miles, and that makes a world of a difference. 

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