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2014 the year of the Watson, Shun, and Tony

2014 the year of the Watson, Shun, and Tony

The year 2014 was a rousing success on many levels.  Traveled to Japan on three separate occasions totaling around fifty-five days.  Traveled through Japan’s major islands of Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa and Honshu.  Met scores of outstanding magnificent people all a glowing credit to their culture and nation.    

Other trips in 2014 included France, Switzerland, Italy, the Faroe Islands, transferred flights in Moscow, London, and Copenhagen.  Meeting the people of the Faroe Islands was an exceptionally pleasant experience.  The Faroese are a people who exemplify hospitality, honesty, and friendship.   

Four books published this year in Japan with a number of magazine and newspaper articles.  The successful year can be credited with two people.  Of course the credit does not rest solely with the two, however recognizing they were influential and contributed to the success of 2014.    

The first notable person would be Pope Paul the Watson, better known as Paul Watson of the cult group, the clowns of the floating circus Sea Shepherd.  Thanks to their clownish, eco-terrorist, illegal behavior, they provided mounds of video material.  With this material the videos spread throughout Japan and the Faroe Islands as if they were a prairie fire. 

The second notable person would be Colonel Shun of Japan.  He first arranged the conferences in Japan in 2011, and subsequently in 2012, 2013, and 2014.  Mr. Shun also worked with numerous newspaper and magazine companies to get articles published.  The book publishing companies worked with Shun to produce and promote the books. 

Tony, Shun, and Watson are like a three-legged stool: remove one and the stool collapses.  This video is to Paul and Shun for this wonderful year, wishing both health and success for 2015 and the future.

To all:  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season Greetings, and Happy New Year.  That should cover all.    
Note:  Music used “Silent Night,” from Incompetech.com.
The opening and ending scene with the snow, window scene, and “Silent Night” playing in the background was inspired by the Japanese TV series, “Producing Nobuta,” the last episode, link below:

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Sea Shepherd Merry Christmas
Sea Shepherd Merry Christmas

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