Monday, July 24, 2017

Comfort Women coin revision

Comfort Women Coin Revision
Here is the coin as originally issued:
Comfort Women coin / notice the two birds to the left

 Below is the coin revised to reflect "the other side of the coin."
Comfort Women coin / notice the dollar signs to the left

Note:  The coin with the dollar signs is not the other side of the coin the one with the two birds. 
“The other side of the coin” is a euphemism for telling the other side of the story, an alternate story.  In this situation the dollar signs represent “well paid prostitutes” as reported by the U.S. Army in 1944 when they captured some of these “Comfort Women.”    

Friday, July 21, 2017

Faroe Islands: Stop that !!!

Faroe Islands:  Stop that !!!

As of this writing the good people, the descendants of the Vikings in the Faroe Islands have enjoyed   The whales have been kind enough to swim into the Faroese fjords offering the inhabitants bountiful free food.  If they continue this activity they will deplete the whale population.  This would have the following negative results:
ten whale harvesting episodes this year.

1 – According to the cult group Sea Shepherd, if the whales go extinct, the oceans die.  If the oceans die, we die.
2 – These continue whale harvest in the Faroe Islands can deplete the whale population to a point where the Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean would come back to port without any harvested whales. 

This is all based upon the criminal cosplay cult leader Watson of Sea Shepherd.   He continues to moan whaling will cause whales to become extinct.  Thus the reason for the sarcasm written above and in this video.

Sea Shepherd has around nine rust bucket garbage scows in their fleet.  How come none of those vessels are in the Faroe Islands to protect the whales?  They could easily sail outside Faroes waters and deter the whales with transponders as they claimed to have done in the past.  How come no such action this year?

Easy:  The criminal cosplay leader absolutely hates the nation and people of Japan.  By not interfering with the whale harvesting in the Faroe Islands the whales would become extinct, and ruin the Japanese whaling industry.  That is the criminal cosplay cult leaders goal and accomplished without any interference by his cult group.  Oops, more sarcasm here.  

To the Faroe Islands:  Save the whales for the Japanese !!!

Note: Comic characters used in this video created by the Faroese Jogyan A. Hovdanum and the below links:

For more comic characters:
Faroe Islands Grind

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Fun with Geography, Episode 1

Fun with Geography, Episode 1

The idea for this video series derived from a television show “The Big Bang Theory.”  In the show one of the characters, Sheldon Cooper, periodically videos a segment titled “Fun with Flags.”

This video ask the question if the viewers know what the geographical form “isthmus” is. 
Answer:  It is a narrow strip of land with a larger body of lands both ends.  Such as Central America / Panama is a narrow strip of land connecting North America and South America. 

Music at the beginning:  “William Tell Overture,” from

Further explanation of an isthmus:

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Comfort Women statue speaks

 Comfort Women statue speaks !!!!

Below is the script to this video.  The “Tony” portion may not be word-for-word due to a bit of adlibbing. 

Tony:  Hi, hi folks, allow me to introduce myself:  I am Tony Marano, and for years our team has been researching and exposing the truth on the Comfort Women issue.  According to documents located at the National Archives outside Washington, DC, by the US Army these women were “well paid” prostitutes.  Their service to the Japanese Imperial Army contributed to their war effort against the USA and the Allies.

Tony:  What are you thoughts about you being placed in this once peaceful park?

CW:  I was shocked to learn Brookhaven was going to place a statue memorializing prostitutes. 

Tony:  Why is that?

CW:  I understand the city council approved the state after it was already placed in the park.  That is exactly what South Koreans did with my other statue across the street from the Japanese Consulate in Busan, South Korea.      

Tony:  How do you view yourself here in Brookhaven, and your other statue in Glendale, California?

CW:  I hope we will serve as a beacon for Korean prostitutes to come to the USA showing they are welcomed here in Brookhaven and in Glendale.

Tony:  Can you explain that?

CW:  Recently South Korea outlawed prostitution after it was legal there since the beginning of time.  Then the USA relaxed the visa requirement for South Koreans entering the USA, so that plus the statues dedicated to them, they can come here and find work and be welcomed.

Tony:  Besides being a beacon to South Korean prostitutes to come to the USA, is there anything else you and the other statue represent?

CW:  Oh yes.  It is amusing how both city council fell for the phony theme of protecting all women who served as Comfort Women.  Yet in inscription only mentions Japan, while purposely omitting any mention of the Comfort Women South Korea create for the Americans and created in Vietnam.  It also ignores the Comfort Women from Japan, the Philippines, and other Asian women.  To any one it was obvious of the Japan bashing theme.

Tony:  How come both city councils fell for this trick?

CW:  They are filled with liberals and fell to the badgering for the sizeable Korean communities in their jurisdictions. 

Tony:  Thank you for your time, I guess that concludes this interview.

CW:  Wait, before you leave, please place that paper bag over my head, after all we want to portray the realism of this hunk of junk statue.  Remember, it was the US Army’s 1944 report who wrote “She is not pretty either by Japanese or Caucasian standards.”  

U.S. National Archives documents addressing the brothels in Japanese held territories:

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Tony Marano Comfort Women statue Brookhaven, Georgia

Sunday, July 16, 2017

South Korea’s discovered Comfort Women video exposes the truth

Link to the above video:

South Korea’s discovered
 Comfort Women video exposes the truth

The South Korean Seoul City government in concert with Seoul National University released a video of a film they located after two years of research.  The video / film were located at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, Maryland, outside Washington, DC.  The College Park National Archives campus is the repository for U.S. military records. 

It is a 1944 film documents Songshan, China, illustrating women surrounded by Chinese soldiers.  The narrator states “…several young women tremble in fear, they have terrified looks on their faces, and they are all barefoot.”

The women were in fear and terrified because they were just captured by the enemy: Chinese troops.  If they were truly held against their will by the Japanese, they would not have ”tremble in fear”….and…”have terrified looks on their faces.”

In two spots in the video / film the women are referred to as “POWs.”  Huh?  If they were truly rescued from slavery they would have been referred to as “recently freed,” or something like that, but not “POWs.”  Why did their Chinese liberators refer to them as “POWs?”  Easy, because they were part of the Japanese war machine enabling the Japanese, and contributing to their morale.  

The video / film show some documents.  One list the women’s name and ages.  One was 16, the rest in their 20’s and 30’s.  How can that be when many claim 14, 15, 16 year olds were dragged out of Korea by the Japanese military?

In another document it reads in part: ….they “were recruited through advertisements.”  Does that mean the Japanese recruited sex slaves through advertisements?  Who advertises for sex slaves? 

Understand this:  No one claims Comfort Women did not exists, the controversy is how they became Comfort Women.  Koreans claim they were forced, Japanese claim they were recruited.  This film /video seem to support the Japanese claim.  Could the people at Seoul National University be that stupid as to offer a film / video that contradicts their “sex slave” claim?

Full recently released Comfort Women video:

U.S. National Archives documents addressing the brothels in Japanese held territories:

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