Thursday, December 18, 2014

Australian and New Zealand news media in support of Sea Shepherd's hallucinations

Australian and New Zealand news media in support of Sea Shepherd's hallucinations   

The Australian and New Zealand news media is in full propaganda mode on behalf of Sea Shepherd.  The headline states Sea Shepherd made an arrest.  Who or what was arrested?  Answer:  No one, nothing.  This is pure propaganda by a bias news media.     

Propaganda by Australian news media in support of Sea Shepherd
New Zealand news media propaganda in support of Sea Shepherd
Australian news media propaganda in support of Sea Shepherd

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sea Shepherd’s citizen’s arrest

Sea Shepherd’s citizen’s arrest 

Sea Shepherd’s Operation Icefish to halt toothfish poachers in the Southern Ocean reported being in pursuit of the NNS Thunder, a Nigerian flag fishing vessel.  The cult group’s clowns on their rust bucket garbage scow the Bob Barker with Cabin Boy on board attempted to make a citizen’s arrest in international waters on the high seas. 

Cabin Boy (aka: Peter Helmethead) radioed the captain of the NNS Thunder proclaiming he was making a citizen’s arrested and ORDERED the vessel to sail to an Australian port.  The news from Sea Shepherd was they intercepted the vessel, however according the Watson’s Facelessbook (Facebook) page the NNS Thunder was not cooperating with the floating circus causing the Bob Barker to chase the intercepted vessel.

Watson also noted on his Facelessbook (Facebook) page the Nigerian flag vessel NNS Thunder has an Interpol purple notice. Really?  Since when did an Interpol notice mean anything to this eco-terrorists group?  Watson has an Interpol red notice on him, he jumped bail in Germany, wanted in Japan and Coast Rica, and he wants to exploit a purple notice on the NNS Thunder? 

The clowns also announced their other rust bucket garbage scow the Sam Simon (made in Japan and purchased from the Japanese) is also joining the chase with the goal of confiscating the NNS Thunder’s fishing gear.  In the interest of accuracy please replace the word “confiscating” with “stealing.”

Sea Shepherd Cabin Boy
An appeal to Sea Shepherd’s minions (suckers):  Please continue to donate money to Sea Shepherd to keep the floating circus afloat.  This will allow all to continue to play the game of pretend.  Old adage:  “Once a man, twice a child.”    

Watson’s Facebook writing concerning this incident:

Here is a link to Sea Shepherd’s website when you can donate money:

Link to Texas Daddy store:
Sea Shepherd MY Bob Barker with Cabin Boy

Sea Shepherd MY Bob Barker with Cabin Boy chasing the NNS Thunder

Monday, December 15, 2014

Palm Trees true to Pepsi

Palm Trees "true" to Pepsi

The Pepsi Cola Company is releasing a new product called “Pepsi True” only to be sold on Amazon.  Outraged environmentalists have harassed Amazon over this product.  It caused Amazon to remove the product then subsequently placed it back for sale.

The objection to the soda is part of the ingredients include palm oil (oil from palm trees).  The self-appointed guardians of the planted claim rain forest (jungles) are being cleared to provide the palm oil needed for the soda.  In essences these environmentalists are anti-capitalist.  The palm tree is a crop just like a corn of stalk.  Sure the palm tree requires more time to grow than a corn stalk however it still is a crop. 

Also palm trees on private property being to the owner, not self-appointed anti-capitalists.  If the palm trees are on government land being harvested than that is an issue for the respective government and the people, not anti-capitalists from countries on the other side of the globe.   

Link to Amazon selling Pepsi True:

Article referenced in this video:

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thrown out of Japan, another Sea Shepherd adventure

Thrown out of Japan, 
another Sea Shepherd adventure

Sea Shepherd’s Melissa Cove Coward Guardian team leader arrived in Japan and nine hours later thrown out of Japan.

Melissa arrived at Japan’s Narita airport outside of Tokyo.  Melissa self-righteous, and smug standing in the line at Immigration, wearing a Sea Shepherd jacket illustrating their childish logo, caught the eye of Immigration officials.  The authorities escorted Melissa out of the line into an interrogation room.  Nine hours later Melissa the Magnificent was on a flight heading out of Japan.  She was deported, thrown out of Japan, dumped. 

Why did that happen?  According to Sea Shepherd’s website Melissa did not break any laws to warrant such an expulsion.  Maybe so, as that can be debated, however she was thrown out just like Flea Face of Sea Shepherd was also thrown out, two provocateurs attempting to create a rift in the diplomatic relations between Japan and the United States.

Earlier this year United States Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy (Democrat) Twitted criticism of the dolphin activity in Taiji, Japan.  This criticism has its roots in the inflammatory comments and commentary by Melissa while in Taiji on Facebook, and live-streaming.

Sea Shepherd minions (suckers) around the world were jubilant over Ambassador Kennedy’s juvenile undiplomatic behavior.  They were gleeful in thinking the Tweet would create a diplomatic point of contention between Japan and the United States possibly leading to a decline of the dolphin activity in Taiji.

That did not happen.  Instead Japan realized these clown hippies from Sea Shepherd in Taiji if left to continue their provocative behavior could develop into an unpleasant situation with the United States.  How to handle it?  Prevent known provocateurs such as Melissa and Flea Face from returning to Taiji by prohibiting them from entering Japan.      

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Melissa
As of date around 43 Cove Cowards have arrived in Taiji of which around 12 are returnees.  The 12 allowed to return were to insignificant to cause concern.    

Video about U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy’s cultural insensitivity provoked by Sea Shepherd’s Cove Coward Guardians, Melissa the team leader;

Sea Shepherd’s website bellyaching what happened to Melissa the Magnificent:

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Link to Texas Daddy store:

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Melissa the magnificent

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Melissa arriving in Tokyo, Japan

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Melissa arrived in Japan