Monday, August 25, 2014

Fight in the Faroe Islands

Fight in the Faroe Islands

The fugitive Paul Watson in his latest Facebook posting (see link below) is telling a story of fista-cuffs in the Faroe Islands.  He is claiming one of his minions was attacked and awarded two black eyes from a ferocious Faroes. 

A summary of the tale as written by Watson:  Two of his minions were sitting in a vehicle in a town in the Faroe Islands.  Suddenly a drunken Faroes male approached their vehicle pounding on the window.  He then opened the vehicle’s door, grabbed one of the two Sea Shepherd minions, pulled him out and threw him to the ground.  Then proceeded to punch the cult volunteer in his mug awarding him with two black eyes.

While the cult clown was being beat up by a supposed drunk, where was his compatriot who was in the vehicle with him?  Was he shivering in fear in the vehicle?  Did he jump out of the vehicle running in fear pooping his skivvies?  How come this brave defender of the seas did not defend his black-eyed buddy? 

Something smells here and this is either a whale of a story or just plain fishy.  Truth be known, this may have happened with the second guy shivering in fear.  Sea Shepherd has a record of running and shivering in fear.

In 2012 in Taiji, Japan Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians (Cove Coward Guardians) were confronted by a few angry Japanese.  Causing the Cove Cowards to hide in their vehicle enjoying Japanese police protection. 

In 2013 once again in Taiji, Japan, the Cove Coward Guardians ran from detractors. 

Now in 2014 another fear ridden Sea Shepherd minion so scared he made no attempt to assist a compatriot being accosted. 

All though this black-eye incident is funny only because the battered cult clown received zero help from a like-minded compatriot, however violence is not the answer.  Best method to deal with this floating circus and their mindless minions is to point and laugh at them.  After all isn’t that what clowns expect?         

All this and where is Don Corleone Watson? 

Watson’s Facebook entry concerning the fight in the Faroe Islands:

Watson hallucinating Japanese whalers are traveling to the Faroe Islands:

Here is the link to Sea Shepherd’s website where you can donate money.  Please give until it hurts so the rest of us can hurt while laughing:
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Japanese whalers in the Faroe Islands?

Japanese whalers in the Faroe Islands?

The fugitive Paul Watson in his latest Facebook posting (see link below) is living up to what he wrote in his 1993 book titled “Earthforce.”  On page 43 in reference to not knowing an answer or fact he wrote, “Make it up.”

That is exactly what he did with his Facelessbook posting.  He discovered people from Japan were going to the Faroe Islands and since he did not know who, he stated with the full authority of a cult leader, the Japanese going to the Faroe Islands are Japanese whalers.

His minions without question believed every word of his lie and below his hallucinations responded with typical anti-Japanese hate, Japan bashing.  Thus giving the fugitive the sought-after hate for Japan from his mindless minions. 

Five people traveling to the Faroe Islands are two from the United States, three from Japan.  All of whom have no connection to the Japanese whaling industry.  The challenge to Watson is to prove any of  the five have any type of connection to the Japanese whaling industry.  Since he will be unable to do that it is time once again for him to follow the advice in his book on page 43 and “Make it up.”      

Perhaps Mr. Watson would like to meet the five so-called Japanese whalers in the Faroe Islands?  Or how about in Texas?  Better yet a meeting at Ady Gil’s home in California?

All this and where is Don Corleone Watson? 

Watson’s Japanese whalers in the Faroe Islands hallucinations on Facebook.  Also take notice of the ranting from his minions: 

Link to Kentucky Colonel Hunter’s YouTube channel page?

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Here is the link to Sea Shepherd’s website where you can donate money.  Please give until it hurts so the rest of us can hurt while laughing:
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Five Japanese whalers according to the cult leader

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Okinawa Professional protesters

Okinawa Professional protesters 

Okinawa, Japan has a number of United States military bases since the end of World War Two.  Currently these bases serve as a deterrent to the aggressive behavior of the communist in Beijing, and  serving to protect both Japan and the USA.

Currently in Okinawa there are a number of people who protest daily at two United States Marine bases.  They want the bases closed and the USA out of Okinawa.  Recently the group was infiltrated by a patriotic Okinawan who appreciates the bases.  He discovered these protesters are actually professional protesters because they are paid by “people in China.” 

It was said they people in China who support their anti-American activity do so in the interest of peace.  Peace?  Is Okinawa involved in a conflict?  Are the U.S.A. Marines stationed in Okinawa actively participating in a conflict? What peace?  Most likely they meant “piece,” not “peace.” 

Because the communist in Beijing also want “piece.”  A piece of the Philippines, a piece of Japan, a piece of Vietnam, a piece of Taiwan, and a piece of any other territory they can aggressively acquire.  These leftists in Okinawa accepting the money are being exploited and are basically “useful idiots” as coined by various communist ideologues.                

It was also discovered a number of these professional ant-American protesters are retired school teachers.  How scary is that to know these leftist were influencing young minds.     

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Apple’s tech force color blind?

Apple’s tech force color blind?

Appearing in The Dallas Morning News (DMN) an article from the Associated Press (AP) titled “Apple’s tech force mostly white, Asian.” 

The article details how Apple’s tech work force is “mostly white, Asian,” while blacks and Hispanics are in the minority.  One is left with the interpretation that Apple lacks diversity.  Lacks diversity in what?  Diversity in ethnicity or in academics?  

Statistics show whites and Asians graduate high school at a high percentage rate.  Could that have something do with the ethnic numbers at Apple?  Look deeper and one will discover this lack of so-called diversity is due to behavior as oppose to a race-based plan. 

Statistics also show those groups with the highest out of wedlock births also have the highest high school dropout rate.  One can only conclude the situation is due to behavior of those not hired or their families rather than purposeful omission.   

Understand this:  In 21st century America “diversity” only means elimination of standards, merit, and promotion of Balkanization.  “Diversity” as practice in 21st century America is rooted in political correctness which equals pure evil.  

Article referenced in this video:

High School graduation rates:

Out of wedlock births:

Single parent homes:

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Apple's tech work force

Best Buy or Amazon?

Best Buy or Amazon?

Did Best Buy steal my camera?  Purchased a camera at Best Buy with a protection plan.  The camera broke and returned it to the Geek Squad at the store where the purchase was made.  I was informed the turnaround time would be two weeks.

Two weeks later per the website the camera was still in transit.  Telephoned the 800 # and was told have no idea what is happening and advised to telephone the Geek Squad at the store.  Called the Geek Squad at the store, said will investigate and call back.  Three and a half hours later no called back, so I called.  Was informed the camera was sent to Precision Camera and have no idea when it would be returned.  Meaning it could be a week or a month and Best Buy relieved itself of any responsibility.

I asked for a loaner camera since they have my camera beyond the date promised.  This idea refused by the person speaking to and his supervisor.  I then called corporate complaints a Best Buy’s corporate headquarters in Minnesota.  The gentleman was sympathetic and said will investigate and call back.

As of this writing four days later no call back.  I’ve written emails to numerous contacts at Best Buy and total silence by all but one who also deferred to Precision Camera.

While going through all this discovered Amazon offers a protection plan for the same camera at a lower price and for three years as oppose to Best Buy’s one year.  In addition Amazon states a five day turnaround time either fixed or replace.

Best Buy protection plan:

Amazon protection plan for the camera in question.  Note, since the video was made the price was reduced and the turnaround time was increased to five days.  After clicking on the below link, look to the right for “Include 3-Year Drops & Spills Warranty for $40.69:”

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Best Buy or