Thursday, November 20, 2014

“The only good baby is a XXXX baby”

“The only good baby is a XXXX baby”

October, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia around 4,000 people marched on Victoria Parliament House requesting a repeal of their abortion law. A few dozen pro-abortionists (incorrectly labeled “pro-choice) offered a counter demonstration.  One of these pro-abortion / pro-choice people held up a sign which read:
 “The only good baby is a dead baby.”

So what’s the big deal about one sign held up by one person?  Had a sign held by the pro-life group had a sign which read something like, “Kill the abortion doctor, not the baby,” it would have made headlines throughout the U.S.A. the topic on many morning shows and network evening news.  Since the sign did not read it, and the sign was a repulsive sign held by a pro-abortion / pro-choice supporter, it got ignored.         

This “pro-choice” label is hooey.  What “choice?”  If it is a woman’s right to have an abortion because it is her body and she has a right to do with her body what she wants to, why only with abortion?  How come a woman cannot sell one of her kidneys?  After all it is her kidney in her body.  Why is it illegal for a woman to prostitute her body?

If a pregnant woman is murdered causing the baby she is carrying to die, the murderer is charged with a double homicide.  Why?  Pro-abortion / pro-choice proponents claim it is not a life, or a person until a birth occurs.  So how can one be charged with a murder on something that is not a person and has not been born?  Where is the consistency?        

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jonathan Grubber the face of Obamacare

Jonathan Grubber the face of Obamacare

One of the chief architects of Obamacare (“Affordable Care Act”) is a person named Jonathan Grubber who is a professor at M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology”), has recently caught the ire of Obamacare opponents. 

A number of videos have surfaced with Mr. Grubber stating in reference to the passing of Obamacare.  Mr. Grubber in seen as stating in part:

“…..lack of transparency is a huge political advantage……”

“…..stupidity of the American voter…….”

Lack of transparency” equates to not telling the truth and hiding facts.
Stupidity of the American votes” is exactly what these Democrats, liberals think about the American voter.   

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Comfort Women statue another misrepresentation?

Comfort Women statue 
another misrepresentation? 

On August 19, 2014 the City Council referred the issue for a “Peace Monument.”  The notes in the minutes to the meeting on this topic read:

“Support Fullerton Museum Center Association as they consider options for the display of a Peace Monument.”

Is a “Peace Monument” a “Comfort Women” statue?

A Korean entertainment site “Koogle.TV” reported the Comfort Women statue was approved by the Fullerton City Council.  The article reads in part:

“The City Council of Fullerton on Wednesday passed a bill on placing a statue of a young woman symbolizing a former sex slave in front of the city museum.”

This appeared on August 22 and the Wednesday before was August 21.  Looking at the August 21, 2014 minutes to the City’s council meeting no such vote was taken and / or approved.  One has to go to back to August 19, 2014 meeting where the Council referred a “Peace Monument” to the City’s museum.  It was referred, not approved.    

Fullerton City Council meeting October 21, 2014 where you will be hard-pressed to locate where the City Council voted to approve a Comfort Women statue:

Fullerton City Council meeting August 19, 2014 where the “Peace Monument” was referred to the Fullerton City Museum, see Page 9, item number 11, the last bullet item number 2:

Koogle.TV link reporting on the Fullerton City Comfort Women statue:

Article reporting raising money for a Comfort Women statue in Fullerton that has not been approved.  Note in the article “Glendale” is confused to be “Fullerton:”

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