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Comfort Women statue speaks

 Comfort Women statue speaks !!!!

Below is the script to this video.  The “Tony” portion may not be word-for-word due to a bit of adlibbing. 

Tony:  Hi, hi folks, allow me to introduce myself:  I am Tony Marano, and for years our team has been researching and exposing the truth on the Comfort Women issue.  According to documents located at the National Archives outside Washington, DC, by the US Army these women were “well paid” prostitutes.  Their service to the Japanese Imperial Army contributed to their war effort against the USA and the Allies.

Tony:  What are you thoughts about you being placed in this once peaceful park?

CW:  I was shocked to learn Brookhaven was going to place a statue memorializing prostitutes. 

Tony:  Why is that?

CW:  I understand the city council approved the state after it was already placed in the park.  That is exactly what South Koreans did with my other statue across the street from the Japanese Consulate in Busan, South Korea.      

Tony:  How do you view yourself here in Brookhaven, and your other statue in Glendale, California?

CW:  I hope we will serve as a beacon for Korean prostitutes to come to the USA showing they are welcomed here in Brookhaven and in Glendale.

Tony:  Can you explain that?

CW:  Recently South Korea outlawed prostitution after it was legal there since the beginning of time.  Then the USA relaxed the visa requirement for South Koreans entering the USA, so that plus the statues dedicated to them, they can come here and find work and be welcomed.

Tony:  Besides being a beacon to South Korean prostitutes to come to the USA, is there anything else you and the other statue represent?

CW:  Oh yes.  It is amusing how both city council fell for the phony theme of protecting all women who served as Comfort Women.  Yet in inscription only mentions Japan, while purposely omitting any mention of the Comfort Women South Korea create for the Americans and created in Vietnam.  It also ignores the Comfort Women from Japan, the Philippines, and other Asian women.  To any one it was obvious of the Japan bashing theme.

Tony:  How come both city councils fell for this trick?

CW:  They are filled with liberals and fell to the badgering for the sizeable Korean communities in their jurisdictions. 

Tony:  Thank you for your time, I guess that concludes this interview.

CW:  Wait, before you leave, please place that paper bag over my head, after all we want to portray the realism of this hunk of junk statue.  Remember, it was the US Army’s 1944 report who wrote “She is not pretty either by Japanese or Caucasian standards.”  

U.S. National Archives documents addressing the brothels in Japanese held territories:

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Tony Marano Comfort Women statue Brookhaven, Georgia

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South Korea’s discovered Comfort Women video exposes the truth

Link to the above video:

South Korea’s discovered
 Comfort Women video exposes the truth

The South Korean Seoul City government in concert with Seoul National University released a video of a film they located after two years of research.  The video / film were located at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, Maryland, outside Washington, DC.  The College Park National Archives campus is the repository for U.S. military records. 

It is a 1944 film documents Songshan, China, illustrating women surrounded by Chinese soldiers.  The narrator states “…several young women tremble in fear, they have terrified looks on their faces, and they are all barefoot.”

The women were in fear and terrified because they were just captured by the enemy: Chinese troops.  If they were truly held against their will by the Japanese, they would not have ”tremble in fear”….and…”have terrified looks on their faces.”

In two spots in the video / film the women are referred to as “POWs.”  Huh?  If they were truly rescued from slavery they would have been referred to as “recently freed,” or something like that, but not “POWs.”  Why did their Chinese liberators refer to them as “POWs?”  Easy, because they were part of the Japanese war machine enabling the Japanese, and contributing to their morale.  

The video / film show some documents.  One list the women’s name and ages.  One was 16, the rest in their 20’s and 30’s.  How can that be when many claim 14, 15, 16 year olds were dragged out of Korea by the Japanese military?

In another document it reads in part: ….they “were recruited through advertisements.”  Does that mean the Japanese recruited sex slaves through advertisements?  Who advertises for sex slaves? 

Understand this:  No one claims Comfort Women did not exists, the controversy is how they became Comfort Women.  Koreans claim they were forced, Japanese claim they were recruited.  This film /video seem to support the Japanese claim.  Could the people at Seoul National University be that stupid as to offer a film / video that contradicts their “sex slave” claim?

Full recently released Comfort Women video:

U.S. National Archives documents addressing the brothels in Japanese held territories:

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History lesson for Korea and China

Link to above video:

History lesson for Korea and China

Sensei Tony here to teach history to some Koreans and Chinese.  Some on the Korean peninsula and in China with self-righteous smugness continue to admonish Japan with something like this:  “Denying your history you have no future.”  With that they then take it upon themselves to lecture history as they see it in South Korea and China.  This video does not attempt to assign who is incorrect and who is correct. 

This video is an attempt to teach South Korea and China some of their history they seem to be ignorant of.  Also this video by teaching them their history will help them guarantee their future.

Note:  “Sensei” (先生) is the Japanese word for “teacher.”  

Question if any of the information in this video can be located in history text books both in South Korea and China.  During the Second World War (WWII) the Korean peninsula was part of Japan.  Many Korean men volunteered to join the Imperial Japanese Army.  A large number of these Koreans attended Japanese military academies and rose high in the ranks of the Imperial Japanese Army.   

Some of these notable and accomplished Koreans are:
Major Chae Byung Duk
Major General Kim Seok-Won
Colonel Lee Eung-jun
Lieutenant Park Chung-hee (later he became president of South Korea 1962 – 1976)
Lieutenant General Yi Un (Eun) Crown Prince
Korean Crown Prince Euimin
Korean Crown Prince Yi Bangja

Why did these notable Koreans volunteer to join the Imperial Japanese Army if that army was dragging their women off the peninsula and forced into sexual slavery (Comfort Women)?

Korean Hong Sa-ik rose to the rank of Lieutenant Major General in the Imperial Japanese Army.  He rose to such a distinguish level he was placed in charge of all the Prisoner of War (POW) camps in the Philippines. 

Here is a partial list of those camps:
Davao Prison and Penal Farm
Camp O'Donnell
Los Baños
Santo Tomas Internment Camp
Bilibid Prison
Puerto Princesa Prison Camp
Camp John Hay
Camp Holmes Internment Camp
Camp Manganese, Guindulman, Bohol
Camp Malolos, Bulcan   

At the end of the war Lieutenant Major General Hong Sa-ik was arrested and placed on trial as a war criminal for the atrocities in those camps under his command.  Many of those camps had Korean guards who were sadistic and tortured the POWs.  They did this in an attempt to prove their worth as Korean soldiers in the Imperial Japanese Army.  Hong Sa-ik was found guilty, classified as a Class A War Criminal and executed (hung) in 1946.

His story continues:  In 1966 he spirit was interned in Tokyo, Japan, at a Shinto Shrine, the Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社 or 靖國神社).

The Yasukuni Shrine houses the spirits of Japan’s war dead from about the mid-1860’s through the end of World War Two.  Whenever any notable Japanese person makes a trip to the Shrine to show respect, the South Korean and Chinese governments issue annoying criticism.  How come the Allied nations such as the Philippines, New Zealand, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and the USA do not issue any diplomatic objections? 

The only two to object South Korea and China are two nations that assisted the Imperial Japanese Army.  Koreans joined not only the Imperial Japanese Army they also joined Hitler’s Nazi army.  Some Chinese also joined Hitler’s Nazi army.  The current Communist government in China helped the Japanese by hindering the Nationalist Chinese under Chiang Kai-shek.  He had to fight both the Communist Chinese and the Japanese, dividing his military resources.         

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Food from China, tainted and dangerous? / repost

Food from China, tainted and dangerous?
 / repost 

The U.S. will be sending chickens to China to be processed there then sent back to the USA for consumption.  Problem is China has a miserable record when it comes to food safety.   

Some recent examples of China’s horrendous examples of food safety:

1 - 50,000 children sickened, 4 died, from tainted baby formula with melamine
2 - Hong King discovered eggs contaminated with melamine
3 - 12,000 dead pigs in a river leading to Shanghai
4 - Avian influenza or bird flu in chicken flocks this year, 44 people died
5 - Nearly half of rice sold in Guangzhou this year tainted with cadmium
6 -In Europe, China shipped:
     a) Potatoes infested with insects
     b) Ginger laced with salmonella
     c) Pumpkins seeds containing glass chips
     d) Frozen calamari contaminated by arsenic
7 - 2007 Chinese fish product imports halted in USA for high levels of illegal antibiotics and chemicals
8 - Thousands of pounds of honey seized for illegal antibiotics  

The chicken will be returned to the USA as process chicken, such as one may purchase in fast-food joints or frozen meals - AVOID, consumer at your own peril. 

The article quotes Jim Sumner, president of Stone Mountain, USA Poultry and Egg Export Council as saying in reference to China: “is one of our largest export markets and has the potential, by far, to be our largest market, and we don’t want to risk upsetting them”

Basically it is okay to endanger the American consumer to gain export access to The Middle Kingdom.  American food use to be the safest in the world, now thanks to a spineless, sold-out, commie purchased Congress, and greedy exporters, the food safety will degrade below that of the third-world.  

NOTE: This video was first uploaded on October 29, 2013.  It has been attacked by gremlins ruining the aspect ratio.  This is a correction to what the gremlins did.

The article appearing in The Dallas Morning News was reprinted from the “Atlanta Journal-Constitution.” 

Article referenced in this video:

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Comfort Women story from beyond eternity

Comfort Women story from beyond eternity

WARNING:  Be careful what you place on the Internet and in emails as it will last beyond eternity.

The City Council of Brookhaven, Georgia on May 23rd, 2017 voted to place a Comfort Women statue / hunk of junk in one of their parks.  It was unveiled in a small city park on June 30th, 2017.

There was and seems to continue a bit of skullduggery going on with relation to this story.  The base for the state and/or the statue itself was in place in the park before the City Council approved.

After the unveiling ceremony the City Council announced the statue will be moved to a larger park.  They claim by doing so the statue / hunk of junk would enjoy greater public exposure.  What they left out was the true reason for the move.  The home owners association surrounding the first park threatened to file a lawsuit to remove the controversial statue / hunk of junk.  By moving the statue to another park they city is avoiding a law suit.

On the fake news website Huffpost  two articles appeared prior to the unveiling.  Both of which were critical of placing that statue / hunk of junk in the park.  The articles:

“Illegal Cover-ups in Brookhaven”
By: Tommy Wyhe, dated June 23, 2017.

“In Brookhaven, Let’s Put Women First”
By: Ron Klink, dated June 28, 2017.

Soon after the unveiling the Huffpost removed both articles from their website (see link below to read the two full articles). 

It seems some people in Japan reached beyond eternity and retrieved the deleted articles.   

Links to the two deleted articles:

News article reporting the truth about the threatened lawsuit:

News articles hiding the truth behind the move to another park:

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