Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why I Love Japan

Why I Love Japan

 Recently the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea held a contest asking contestants to post on YouTube videos with the theme or title “Why I Love Korea.”  The contest deadline has passed.

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This video is my entry in a non-contest “Why I Love Japan.”  Hopefully others will post similar videos and/or leave comments.

The points mentioned in this video are but a very small example on why I love Japan due to time constraints our desire to watch abbreviated videos. 

1 – Many parking lots in Japan have a flat metal device / plate in each parking spot.  Once the motorist drives over it in the parking space, after five minutes it elevates.  This prohibits the driver from leaving the parking space without paying first.  The first thing that entered my mind was “How would one defeat this device?”  As I am sure many fellow Americans would think the same, also myself and others would never do.  I asked friends in Japan if they ever thought that and the answer was no.  They do not think along those lines while we in the West do.

Here is a video showing its actual operation:

2 – At a hotel in Kumagaya, Japan I left my computer out on the table all day long.  I was gone from before breakfast to about mid-night.  During which time the hotel staff entered the room at least twice, once to make the bed, and second time to deliver my suit that was dry-cleaned.  The computer was not touched.

3 – Clothing hangers in their hotels are normal with the round hook on top to hang over a horizontal pole.  While in the USA hangers do not have that hook to deter theft.

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