Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sea Shepherd thank you for a fun filled lunch

Sea Shepherd thank you for a fun filled lunch

Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians spent a few months in Taiji, Japan harassing the inhabitants of this picturesque village and neighboring village of Nachikatsuura (Nachi-Katsuura) both in Wakayama Prefecture.

Then in March, 2012 the smack down happened.  A group of citizens from Osaka, Japan known as “Team Kansai,” went to Taiji.  The Team confronted the Cow Guardians causing this Sea Shepherd sub-group to shiver in fear hiding in their coward-mobile (their rented car).  The brave Cove Guardians of Sea Shepherd who vow to forfeit their lives to achieve their goal rode off in fear under police protection and police escort. 

It is reported these “guardians” then met with U.S. consulate officials in Osaka.  This was their effort to initiate a law suit against the Japanese citizens.  Guess what?  The law suit never went beyond the exploratory stage because the nation of Japan at all levels united causing Sea Shepherd to fail in this attempt to make money.  That is what they are all about, gaining money to support their lifestyle. 

April, 2012, Osaka, Japan I had lunch with some members of this Team of Japanese citizens.  We ate, we talked, we discussed future plans, and most of all, we laughed, we laughed, and we laughed at Sea Shepherd.  Thank you Sea Shepherd for an enjoyable lunch – ha ha ha ha.

Here is a link to Sea Shepherd’s own video showing the Cove Guardians shivering in fear and receiving a police escort from the very police department the Cove Guardians have been and are still critical of:

Here is Sea Cowards video showing their police escort claiming they were being chased by the Japanese:

Here are two links showing the full video of the videos used in this video:


Petition to help preserve Japanese culture:

Here is a video of Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians disgusting behavior in Taiji, Japan in the fall of 2010 (notice how smug and self-righteous these foreigners act):

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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