Thursday, June 7, 2012

News media in President Obama's camp

News media in President Obama’s camp

At one time the bias news media in the USA use to masquerade their Democratic Party bias as news.  That masquerade no longer exists as the news media has abandoned their constitutional mandate.  The make no attempt to hide their loyalty to the Democratic Party and their candidates.  Can you say “journalistic malfeasance?” 

The New York Times publishes an article ascribing blame for the poor economy in the United States of America – USA to China and the financial crises in Europe.  Huh?  Meaning President Obama should not be held accountable for the poor economy.  Then how come President Obama is taking for what he thinks is an improving economy? 

The New York Times hid from the fact the looming regulations, fees, and taxes to hit the USA in 2013 are a major reason for a hiring freeze.  The USA is burdened with the highest corporate tax rate in the world, another factor in a stalled economy. 

The Associated Press – AP released an article defending the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, claiming rules from the EPA under President Obama have not stifled oil and gas exploration / extraction.    

Really?  Okay perhaps the EPA has not hindered the oil and gas industry, but guess what?  It was President Obama himself to put a moratorium on off-shore oil exploration and it was President Obama himself to halted the Keystone Pipeline.  Mr. Obama did not need the EPA for that as he did the damage himself. 

Also the article ignored the EPA’s attack on coal mining and coal-fired electric plants.  Around 47% of electricity produced in the USA comes from coal.  It is the EPA causing mining operations to stop and coal-fired electric plants to close.  Of course this was ignored in the AP article. 

It is humorous to note subsequent to the above EPA cover article, The New York Times prints an article about how the coal industry is fighting for their survival.  Apparently the bias news media needs to improve their coordination of articles.   

The news media is in full protection mode for this president in a desperate attempt to get him re-elected.  Had we had a news media that was not biased, performed its constitutional mandate President Obama would not have been elected in 2008.     

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