Sunday, June 10, 2012

Are Hispanic voters in the USA Monolithic?

Are Hispanic voters in the USA Monolithic? 

Monolithic = in political terms it means a group or as in this case an ethnic group voting as a block for the same candidate and / or issues.  Meaning they do not see beyond their ethnic group.

In a column appearing in The Dallas Morning News – DMN, their Washington Bureau Chief questions the proportion of Hispanic legislators in Texas in relation to their population numbers.  The inference is something must be amiss since there are not a greater number of Hispanic legislators from or in Texas. 

That is the problem with the liberals, leftists, and Democrats in the USA, they see so-called minorities as a voting block, monolithic when they vote.  Hooey!  Could it be members of the Hispanic population do not vote on the bases of a person’s heritage but vote based upon the person’s politics?

Perish the thought because leftist, liberal, and Democrats based their appeal on identity politics.  They must be thinking shame on Hispanics for thinking independently. 

Basically these purveyors of identity politics believe one can only be properly represented if their elected representatives are of the same identity group.  So basically in a given area if there 100 people in a legislative district with 90 people being of one group, it is proper for their elected representative to be from that one group.  Meaning the remaining 10 are not properly represented.  Huh?  Welcome to the world of identity politics the politics of liberals, leftists, and the Democratic Party – DNC.

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