Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Saggers and Slobs, Pull Em Up

Saggers and Slobs, Pull ‘Em Up

Dallas, Texas City Councilman Dwaine R. Caraway announced the resurrection of a previous campaign to get the degenerates who insist on wearing their pants below the buttocks exposing their soiled skivvies.  Part of the campaign to post billboards with “Pull ‘Em Up.” 

This style of fashion represents the further decay of culture perpetrated by bottom feeders and degenerates.  

I made two trips to Japan totaling twenty days and traveling close to six thousand miles in Japan by both road and rail.  Never once did I see anyone expose their underwear in public. 

However upon return home on YouTube I discovered someone from the West exposing their filthy underwear in public.  It was in Taiji, Japan where it was the Cove Guardians of Sea Shepherd attempting to intimidate a Japanese citizen.  This person from the West in the video exposed his filth in three points, please see link below. 

Video showing the slob in Taiji, Japan exposing his under-panties at 4:38, 6:35, and 7:22

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