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Korean desecration of USA Korean War Memorial

Korean desecration of
USA Korean War Memorial

It was reported South Korean students (middle school and high school) in a survey listed South Korea’s enemies as being: #1- Japan, #2- North Korea, and #3- USA. 

In an article from the Associated Press (AP) appearing in The Dallas Morning News (DMN), North Korean students are taught since kindergarten to hate the U.S.A.  North Koreans list their primary enemies as being #1- Japan, #2- USA.

Recently on Long Island New York, Nassau County, town of East Meadows, in a park: Eisenhower Park, right next to a Korean War memorial was placed a memorial for Korean “Comfort Women.” 

A brief description of "comfort women:" These were women who worked in concubines (houses of ill-repute, ladies of the evening) to service the sexual desires of the Japanese military during and before World War Two. 

South Korea and North Korea (the Koreas) claim the women were sex slaves and forced by the Japanese military to serve in these concubines.  Japan claims the women were recruited to work in these concubines and paid for their services. 

NOTE:  this video does not address this issue as to whether they were sex slaves or recruited sex workers. 

The comfort women issue ranges from the 1930’s to 1945.  The Korean War 1950 to 1953.  Neither the Korean War nor the USA had anything to do with comfort women.  So why place an issue totally not related to the Korean War along with a memorial to honor the deaths of American military during the Korean War?  Whatever the miss-guided reason, the result is a desecration of a war memorial in the USA by Koreans. 

At the beginning of the Korean War, South Korean military and police executed 100,000 to 200,000 South Korean civilians fearing they were communist or communist sympathizers.  How come a memorial to these murdered (massacre) civilians was not placed in Eisenhower Park next  to the USA Korean War Memorial?  

Remember 54,000 Americans died during the Korean War to keep South Korea free of communism.  This desecration dishonors those 54,000 Americans with an issue not related to them or the war they died in.

The political leaders of Nassau County who permitted this desecration are just as repugnant as the sloths who placed it.     

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