Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sky diving, how did he do that?

Sky diving, how did he do that?

Previous video of the sky diving mentioned at the beginning of this video:

A good friend Kiyokazu and his wife recently went sky diving over the skies in Japan.   The jump was videoed and just before Kiyokazu and his wife jump, there is video and photographs taken of him standing in the doorway from the outside.  How did they do that?

Kiyokazu is wearing a helmet with a video camera mounted on top.  Looking at the video from that camera it shows a fellow skydiver exiting the aircraft first and standing on the helicopter’s skid.  This allowed him to video and photograph Kiyokazu as he and his wife exited the aircraft.    

During the jump Kiyokazu and his wife are wearing special t-shirts and each holding a mug.  The two t-shirts were:

1 – An orange “MadBadVoodo” shirt worn my Kiyokazu’s wife.
2 – A white “Texas Daddy” t-shirt worn by Kiyokazu (can be seen in the “Texas Daddy Store” link below).

Mugs:  “Texas Daddy” can be seen in the link listed below “Texas Daddy Store.”  

To Kiyokazu, his wife, and parachute jumping team:  Domo Agigato Gozaimasu どうも ありがとう ございます

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Parachute guy’s video mentioned in this video:

Parachute guy “Kiyokazu” YouTube channel:

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