Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sky diving in Japan, MadBadVoodo and Texas Daddy

Sky diving in Japan,
MadBadVoodo and Texas Daddy

A good friend Kiyokazu and his wife enjoy the hobby of sky diving.  Recently the two made a jump wearing t-shirts from the USA.  Kiyokazu wore a “Texas Daddy” t-shirt (see link to “Texas Daddy Store” below).  His wife wore a MadBadVoodo t-shirt (see link to his YouTube channels below).

During the jump Kiyokazu and his wife are wearing special t-shirts and each holding a mug.  The two t-shirts were

1 – An orange “MadBadVoodo” shirt worn my Kiyokazu’s wife.
2 – A white “Texas Daddy” t-shirt worn by Kiyokazu (can be seen in the “Texas Daddy Store” link below).

Mugs:  “Texas Daddy” can be seen in the link listed below “Texas Daddy Store.”  

Kiyokazu spent a day with Shun and I as we toured the Parliament Building in Tokyo, Japan (The National Diet of Japan 国会 Kokkai).  He also spent the next day with us in Kumagaya along with Manabu, and Takashi as we prepared for the Tokyo Conference the following day. 
To Kiyokazu, his wife, and parachute jumping team: 
Domo Agigato Gozaimasu
どうも ありがとう ございます

Music: “French Soldiers” from  Sound effects from
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Parachute guy’s video mentioned in this video:

Parachute guy “Kiyokazu” YouTube channel:

Shun’s YouTube channel:

Two of MadBadVoodo’s YouTube channels:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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