Friday, June 1, 2012

Traditional Japanese restaurant part 2 of 2

Traditional Japanese restaurant part 2 of 2

Please see video “part 1 of 2” first. 

While in Osaka, in April of 2012 at a conference I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Ken and his family.  The day after the conference Mr. Ken took Shun, Manabu, and me to an Osaka traditional Japanese restaurant.

The restaurant is around one-hundred fifty years old.  Meals are served in private rooms with tatami mats on the floors, low tables and chair.  Shoes are left at the restaurant’s lobby; sandals are worn, and taken off before entering the private dinning room.

The food was served in small portions with many courses and it was all excellent.  A big thanks to Mr. Ken for this outstanding Japanese meal and outstanding Japanese experience. 

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