Thursday, June 7, 2012

President Obama (currently a “Democrat”) was a member of a third party in the 1990’s

According to a publish report by Stanley Kurtz (link below), in January of 1996 Barack Obama, then a candidate for the Illinois State Senate joined a third political party named “New Party.”  The “New Party” was the political arm of ACORN (the notorious group involved in numerous controversies and accused improprieties). 

The New Party’s goal was to move the United States to a European style of socialism.  Hello, did he already accomplish that as a member of the Democratic Party and President of these here United States of America?

Mr. Obama’s membership in this third, leftist, socialist party was at the same time when Mitt Romney (Republican presumptive nominee) was at Bain Capital.  Bain Capital engaged in capitalism, The New Party advancing socialism.  If Bain Capital is being discussed in the news media (a media compliant with the Democratic Party), how come zero discussion in the compliant news media about Mr. Obama’s third party socialist ties?      

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