Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tokyo business conference, Sushi and Sake bar

Tokyo business conference, Sushi and Sake bar

Shun and I (Tony) was invited to attend and speak at a business conference in Tokyo, Japan at The New Otani Hotel.  We were invited by a gentleman Shinichi.  After the formal session of the conference, people met and greeted one another in an adjourning room.  There was a light snack served while people formally exchanged business cards (meishi 名刺).  This is a traditional method of networking.  Also posed for photographs.

Afterwards Shinichi took us via taxi ride to a Sushi and Sake bar.  This eatery as many in Japan was a cornucopia of taste and a feast to the eyes.  Enjoyed a selection of sea food from oysters to Bluefin tuna.  The variety of sake was excellent. 

The Bluefin tuna had an excellent taste and perfect consistency.  Was this due to it actually enjoying excellent taste and perfect consistency?  Or was it knowing such a meal would annoy Sea Shepherd, their types, and their minions?     

Shinichi gave me a lime green embodied flower lapel pin and a colleague of his also gave me a similar lapel pin in red.  Please see photograph in this video (see 5:10 in the video).

To Shinichi and his colleagues:
Domo Agigato Gozaimasu
どうも ありがとう ございます.

Explaining proper way to exchange business cards in Japan:

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