Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Texas father beats his daughter's alleged molester dead

Texas father beats his daughter’s alleged molester dead

In Shiner, Texas Lavaca County, USA, a 23 year old father caught a 47 year old acquaintance of the family allegedly molesting his four-year old daughter.  Freeing his daughter from the partially dressed 47 year old, beating him, caused the 47 year old to die.

As of this video the father has not been charged.  It will go to the district attorney to decide to bring this to a grand jury or not.  Why bother?  There is no jury in Shiner, Texas, Lavaca County, Texas, the whole center part of the United States that will ever convict this father of anything. 

The news media is calling this Texas justice.  No, this was a father protecting his daughter as hopefully any father would do in any part of the world.  Men are genetically predisposed as the hunters, gathers, and protectors.  This father fulfilled his responsibility as the protector of his four-year old child.

The clock is ticking on how long it will take the news media to turn this tragedy into a circus, because it happened in the South and it happened in Texas.

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