Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Discovery Channel Animal Planet is airing their fifth season of “Whale Wars.”  A few words of caution to their viewers:  the truth and /or reality are a causality in this series as demonstrated in other “Whale Wars” docu-fiction-dramas. 

Allow an examination:  In 2008 Captain Kangaroo claims he was shot with a bullet from the Japanese whalers.  Then the video shows a bullet being dug out of his bullet proof vest which was deflected by the fake law-enforcement badge he use to wear.  Question:  how come only he had on a bullet-proof vest?  Also a few years later former crew members admited it was false, just a show for dramatic video.     

Here is the comical video:

In March of 2008 Animal Planet announced their planned show “Whale Wars.”  The producers doubted they would be given access to the Japanese whalers so they no bother to ask.  Meaning they only set out to tell the whaling story from the cult groups perspective, Sea Shepherd’s view.     

Article about Animal Planet’s announcement:

What is funny at the beginning of “Whale Wars Season 5” there is a disclaimer which reads:

“The following program contains commentary and opinions that do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Animal Planet or the show’s producers.”

They’re joking, right?  How can they write that knowing full well they made absolutely no attempt to get the Japanese perspective?  That in itself screams of commentary and opinions in support of Sea Shepherd.

CAUTION:   When watching “Whale Wars” any episode, any season, any location, your sensibilities and the truth will or may be challenged.  Two cases in point: 

“Whale Wars Viking Shores” aired a photograph taken from the air of a town with the description “Torshavn, Faroe Islands.”  Guess what?  It was a town the Shetland, Scotland, not the Faroe Islands.

In another episode they showed a map of the Norwegian Sea.  Where the nation of Norway is, they had written it was “Denmark.”  Now if Animal Planet and Discovery Channel are geographical challenged, what other challenges are they afflicted with? 

Viewers beware and observe caution.    


brosman said...

Thank you for pointing out there biggest mistakes Tony, but season 5 will show a lot of other "minor mistakes"

Anonymous said...

It is just a little "white lie" ! Nobody will notice.

Sea Shepherd Supporter said...

Whale Wars rulezz !!! Go Paul Watson, hope you kick some dirty jap ass this season, yeeeeehaaa !!