Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lunatic liberal policy burn forests kill endangered animals

Lunatic liberal policy burn forests kill endangered animals

Traditionally when forest fire fighters battle blazing fires they are aided by forest fire pilots who dump fire-retardant chemicals on trees in the fires path.  These chemicals do not extinguish the fires; they slow the progression of the approaching fire.

Now bring on the lunatic animal rights extremists and their adherents in the bureaucracy.  These groups complained to the Forest Service the use of these fire-retardants can have a negative impact upon endangered animals and endangered plants.  Resulting in the Forest Service issuing orders limiting their use.

Meaning the approaching fire that destroys everything in its path including killing endangered animals and endangered plants will continue to progress.  In other words it is okay for the endangered animal to be burned alive, but it is not okay to drop a chemical upon the creature. 

To these lunatic liberals the fire is natural making it acceptable to burn alive the animals.  While the chemical is man-made and as such by its very creation is pure evil and must be stopped.   

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