Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camera Extender review by Tony

Camera Extender review by Tony
(“that’s me kids”)

Excellent product to video yourself with. No need for erect a standard tripod or ask another to video you.

This unique product is made of study metal and can support a typical camcorder. Here is the products website:

Can be purchased at Amazon.com or Walmart on line. The one in this video was purchased at Walmart online, "site to store," (no shipping charges).

The other camera extender used in this video is the Quikpod Qpak Compod purchased from Amazon.com.  The product is deficient because the tubular barrel does not have any grooves indented into it to prevent the weight of the camcorder to cause it to roll downward.   

Here is the link to my Texas State Railroad video seen in part in this video:

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