Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sea Shepherd continues the lie about Japan’s earthquake tsunami donated funds

When Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson was released from a German prison May 21, 2012.  Outside the prison he held a press conference.  See the video link below at the 4:15 mark Mr. Watson said the following:

“…Japan took thirty-five million dollars from the earthquake tsunami relief fund to be used against us and I don’t think that when people donated that money that they thought that was what it was going to be used for.  But they been using it to do PR and legal challenges against our activities against their illegal operations.”

Link to Watson video press conference at the 4:15 the distortion about the donated earthquake tsunami donated relief funds:

In this latest video at 2:24 Watson still blames the Japanese:

Video explaining further about this lie from Sea Shepherd:

Here is the truth ignored by Sea Shepherd, their minions, and their types who enthusiastically believe any negative story about Japan, be it true or false:
The money given to the Japanese whaling industry did not come from charitable donations made to assists the victims of the 11 March 2011 earthquake / tsunami.

Those funds are still being administered by the charities at their discretion. The money given to the Japanese mariners are from the Japanese government, from the Japanese taxpayers. Basically this is the concern of the Japanese people and Japanese tax payers, all others: mind your own business.

The money is part of funds allocated for the redevelopment of the impacted areas. Part of this redevelopment is to inspire the economic sector of the communities located on the coastal regions. The communities earn their livelihood from the sea and the feeder businesses to this industry. The whaling mariners are part of this community. They live, shop, and work in these communities. The whales they bring back are processed in these communities, all of which spur economic activity contributing to the development of the region.

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Sea shepherd would be a mighty politician.