Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sea Shepherd's Sam Simon mystery

Sea Shepherd’s Sam Simon mystery

Sea Shepherd’s fourth vessel the Sam Simon is surrounded in mystery.  Sea Shepherd’s fugitive announced the vessel was a German vessel and purchased for the cult group by Sam Simon, a co-creator of “The Simpsons.” 

The fugitive leader of Sea Shepherd wrote on their website:

“I wish I could elaborate on the ship but until it is secured, outfitted, and ready for Whale Wars, that information has to remain classified,” (see link below).

Watson on Sam Simon being “classified:”

“Classified?”  Why?  All vessels have an IMO number (International Maritime Organization) established by the United Nations.  In November, 2012 the vessel was registered in Australia.  According to the Australian registry they ship’s IMO is: IMO 9053452.  A Google search verifies IMO 9053452 being Sea Shepherd’s M/V Sam Simon registered in Australia. 

Other online ship registries document the vessel’s prior name “New Atlantis” registered in the Tuvalu Islands, NOT Germany as stated by Sea Shepherd.  It is possible the vessel “New Atlantis” was owned by a German company / group / or person, and registered in the Tuvalu Islands. 

Further documentation revealed prior to the vessel being named “New Atlantis,” it was named Kaiko Maru no.8 and Seifu Maru both registered in Japan where the vessel was built.  In other words Sea Shepherd purchased a ship made in Japan!

To say it was a German vessel may be correct but deceitful.  It may have been a German owned vessel, but it is a made in Japan vessel (Japanese vessel). 

Why the subterfuge?  Many Sea Shepherd blogs / Facebook pages urges their minions not to purchase any products in Japan objecting to the dolphin activity in Taiji, Japan, and the Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean.

Oddly enough this is not Sea Shepherd’s first major purchase of a Japanese product.  In January of 2011 Sea Shepherd’s zodiacs illegally harassing the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern ocean, one of the zodiacs had two outboard motors from “Suzuki,” a Japanese company.   

Recently the fugitive titular head of Sea Shepherd wrote in reference to the M/V Sam Simon:

“…..nor is it a slow boat from Japan.” 

Perhaps being a fugitive the gentleman had difficulty identifying the truth.

Fugitive’s denial about the Sam Simon being from Japan (scroll down to the comment section):

Links to sites with the vessel’s history and documentation:

IMO explained:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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Paul Watson •

First the Sam Simon is reported in Melbourne and then it was reported in Fremantle and also at the same time it was reported in Brisbane and Cairns and one person swears he saw it in Sydney. There is a report that it is in Singapore. Now how is it that all the trolls know where it is but not a single media report showing the ship. I love this. The Sam Simon will be revealed when it is time for it to be revealed. As for hiding, I am in plain sight for anyone who knows where to look, most importantly I will be leading these four ships to the Southern Ocean and there is nothing Japan can do to stop me. Apparently the Sam Simon is here and there and everywhere! Now what does this say about the research skills of the ICR when they can't locate the ship but every troll with nothing better to do than hunt for an elusive anti-whaling ship claims to know where it is, how fast it is, where it came from and what it is doing? Amazing! Keep the speculations coming trollers. We are throughly amused.

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I just did a search on google for the san simon number...nothing came up.
The "san simon registered in Australia"is the heading of some forum.

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