Sunday, December 30, 2012

USA sailors suing Japan

8 USA sailors suing Japan

March 11, 2011 a horrific earthquake tsunami of Biblical proportions hit the nation of Japan.  Immediately the United States military assisted the Japanese.  Twenty thousand American military men and women assisting a trusted ally and friend.  The military operation was named “Operation Tomadachi.”
The American aircraft carrier the USS Ronald Reagan was o scene in the waters off the Fukushima nuclear power plant that was damaged.  Now a year and a half afterwards eight sailors who served on the USS Ronald Reagan are suing the Japanese electric company: Tokyo Electric Power Company for ten million dollars claiming damages from the radiation.    

They claimed they were lied to about the radiation levels by the power company.  Truth is it was the radiation detectors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan that the military relied on, not the power company.  Once the radiation was detected by the American radiation detectors the USS Ronald Regan the aircraft carrier sailed away to a safe distance with the eight suing sailors and the other 5,500 serving on the vessel.

To the people of Japan: Sumimasen すみません  

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