Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hate Japan from Sea Shepherd

Hate Japan from Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd’s continued attacks upon the Japanese whalers, and dolphin activity is based on:
1 – Money:  to get their minions to part with their money
2 – Hate: pure hate for Japan and the Japanese people.

Many of Sea Shepherd supporters / minions / suckers deny their support for Sea Shepherd is anchored in hate for Japan / the Japanese.  They masquerade their feelings behind their compassion for dolphins and whales.  They claim they do not hate Japan, just hate the dolphin and whaling activity.  Balderdash!

Recently the fugitive Paul Watson left a posting on Sea Shepherd’s website (see link below) which can only be interpreted as he and his cult groups pure hate for Japan.

The Senkaku Islands belong to Japan.  Around 1969 it was determined there were oil and gas deposits around these uninhabited islands.  A year or two later commie China announces those islands belong to China, not Japan.  The Senkaku Islands (called Diaoyu Islands in commie China, and Tiaoyutai Islands in Taiwan) issue is an emotional one in both China and Japan. 

The fugitive Watson states the islands belong to China and offered to send one of his rust-bucket garbage scows to monitor any dolphin or whaling activity in and around the Senkaku Islands by Japan.  There is no such activity by Japan in or near these islands.  The fugitive Watson supports commie China in their dispute with Japan.  He supports an oppressive commie regime with their dispute against a democratic republic, an ally to the USA. 

This can only be his expression of hate for all of Japan and the Japanese people because this issue has absolutely nothing to do with whaling or the dolphins, just hate.  This fugitive is supporting the commies who are suppressing the Tibetans and their Buddhist religion in Tibet, and the suppression of the Muslim religion followed by the Uyghur’s in East Turkistan (Xinjiang).  By extension his support for the commies is also his support for suppressing the Tibetans and Uyghur’s.

If the commies accept his offer, which rust-bucket garbage scow will he send?  Most likely it would be the Bob Barker rust-bucket garbage scow built in 1950.  The fugitive is looking to have this vessel confiscated by the Japanese Coast Guard so his minions could purchase a newer vessel for him.  Never mind the Bob Barker is run by comrade Cabin Boy Peter Helmethead.  Cabin Boy has fallen on the sword for Watson in the past, making another fall easy for him.       

Paul Watson offering to assists the commies in China:

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