Friday, December 7, 2012

Sea Shepherd fugitive Watson speaks

Sea Shepherd fugitive Watson speaks

The fugitive Watson recently bellowed out some pronouncements, see links below.  In the video you will see the fugitive Watson looking well-kept and groomed!  The best he’s looked in thirty years.  For a man on the run for four months it looks like life on the run agreed with him.  Or better yet, living in one of actress Bridgett Bardot’s lavish estates or islands she is reported to own, more likely is the reason for looking well-kept for once.

The fugitive states they told a lie when they announced they were going to intercept the Japanese fleet in the Pacific Ocean north of Japan.  Amazing he finally admitted to telling a lie to his minions.  Perhaps we can expect he tell the truth about the so-called bullet shot at him by the Japanese?  Or how about the truth about the fake badge he use to wear?  Then there was the theatrics in the Faroe Islands when his crew was ridden with concern while he bellowed bravado about an arrest warrant awaiting him there.  Will he admit he knew the arrest warrant expired the year before he arrived? 

Fugitive Watson claimed to get from Germany where he jumped bail and started his four month journey to the rust-bucket Steve Irwin he had to negotiate two oceans, countless rivers, three mountain ranges, across a desert, over lakes, and dozens of cities and towns.  It read like the holiday song, “Over the River and Through the Woods.”  

He continued to marvel at his success without the aid of a passport, credit cards, ATM machines, internet, or a cell phone.  Huh?  Why would he need an ATM or credit cards when his adoring minions enthusiastically part with their money for him?  No cell phone or Internet?  Then how did he issue previous pronouncement during the four months he traveled “Over the River and Through the Woods?”   

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