Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sea Shepherd tricked the Japanese?

Sea Shepherd tricked the Japanese?

Sea Shepherd first announced their new vessel acquired for them the “Sam Simon” was purchased from Germany, possibly a one-time German vessel.  The truth was exposed it was really a one-time Japanese vessel built in Japan.

Sea Shepherd caught in another lie then attempted to cover it up.  After being discovered it was a Japanese vessel they then said they tricked the Japanese to sell them the vessel so they can use a Japanese vessel to harass the Japanese whaling vessels.
Sea Shepherd MSS Sam Simon IMO 9053452

The Japanese vessel the Kaiko Maru no.8, previously the Seifu Maru was sold to a group “New Atlantis Ventures LLC from Wilmington, Delaware, USA. This group was created June 27, 2012, and quickly renamed the vessel “New Atlantis.”  They then sail the vessel to Australia, register it there and rename it “MSS Sam Simon.”  The IMO 9053452 (an attempt was made to change the IMO to 9063452, but that was quickly discovered and thwarted). 

While Sea Shepherd thinks they tricked the Japanese, the Japanese made off with $2 million dollars for a vessel not in use and absorbing money for its maintenance.  It was a win-win for the Japanese.    
Sea Shepherd’s vessel Bob Barker, the “captain” is Cabin Boy Peter Helmethead.  Peter has been a faithful and devoted member of Sea Shepherd’s crew for years.  He was arrested in Canada for them, and a few years back almost got more than his feelings hurt in the Faroe Islands.  With this record how come Cabin Boy was not given the newer vessel, the Sam Simon?  The Bob Barker is 62 years old built in 1950, while the Sam Simon, newer and built in 1993.  Is that how the fugitive Watson thanks Cabin Boy?

Recently the fugitive titular head of Sea Shepherd wrote in reference to the MSS Sam Simon:
“…..nor is it a slow boat from Japan.” 
Perhaps being a fugitive the gentleman had difficulty identifying the truth.

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