Friday, December 7, 2012

Police officer height

Police officer height

Back in the olden days before political correctness to become a law enforcement officer (police) one had to have attained a minimum height, usually around 5’ 10” or so.  With the insertion of political correctness to permit women and certain minorities to be represented on the police force, all height requirements were dropped.

To become a police officer one has to pass a written exam, background check, physical exam, and a physiological evaluation.  Once a prospective police candidate enters the room for the physiological evaluation that should automatically fail the person.  Because how sound of a mind could a five-foot person have to think as a police officer they can subdue, and arrest a 205 pound drunk who does not want to be arrested?

It is a matter of safety for the officer and the public to have a constabulary of reasonable height to be sufficiently built to address most physical altercations that may arise. 

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