Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blackfoot Native Americans defending their land

Blackfoot Native Americans defending their land

The Blackfoot Native Americans located in Montana, next to Glacier National Park, planning to develop oil and gas on their land.  Not so fast bellows the Superintendent of Glacier National Park a Chas Cartwright from Detroit, Michigan.  Mr. Cartwright’s concern is for the wildlife and the effects the drilling may have upon them, notably the black bear.

Superintendent Cartwright perhaps need to be reminded the intended drilling will take place on Native American land, not in the National Park.  The Blackfoot Native America reservation suffers with a near 70% unemployment, revenues from oil and gas is urgently needed.  Never mind the black bear, or that mug from Detroit. 

The month was “Moon when the snow drifts into the tepees” (January) in 1870 when United States soldiers massacred 173 Blackfeet Native Americans, 33 men, 90 women, 50 children.  The horror and stench of that massacre still lingers some 142 years later.  Foreigners from the East need to mind their own business.  Ron Cross Guns assistant director of the tribe’s oil and gas department said “I don’t go to your backyard and tell you what to do with it, right?  But everybody on the outside that comes to our reservations tells us what to do on our reservation. 

Another Blackfoot Grinnell Day Chief said “When you try to satisfy everybody, you may as well stop developing your minerals.  You can’t satisfy everybody.”

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