Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sea Shepherd "Thank You" from Japan

Sea Shepherd “Thank You” from Japan

Sea Shepherd claims they purchased the MSS Sam Simon from Japan by tricking the Japanese.  They purchased a vessel from Japan that cost $2 million and was costing the Japanese to maintain and upkeep of a vessel that was dormant not producing any revenues. 

So now that Japan was tricked, the Japanese have an extra $2 million and no longer have to pay for the upkeep and maintenance for a non-revenue producing, dormant vessel.  Nice trick, eh?   

While Sea Shepherd thinks they tricked the Japanese, the Japanese made off with $2 million dollars for a vessel not in use and absorbing money for its maintenance.  It was a win-win for the Japanese.   

Sea Shepherd minions on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter urge like-minded drones to boycott Japan and Japanese products.  While these minions are boycotting Japan Sea Shepherd ignored these pleas and acquired a $2 million vessel, the MSS Sam Simon from Japan. 

To Sea Shepherd from Japan for this $2 million trick: Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu” (Thank you).

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