Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Sea Shepherd's new vessel "Sam Simon" was built in Japan and once a Japanese vessel.

The Sam Simon has an IMO 9053452.  The "IMO" numbers never changes on a vessel even with

Here is the multiple ownership changes it remains a constant.  Below is a list of the names assigned to this vessel (below that document proof):

Below is the offical Australian ship register showing
the SAM SIMON with the IMO 9053452 
Below a Google search of IMO 9053452 shows the
SAM SIMON registered in Australia
belonging to Sea Shepherd
Below is listing showing the IMO 9053452 named the
New Atlantis,
built in JAPAN, and previsous names were Japanese
Below is the NEW ATLANTIS, the vessel's name before
changing to the SAM SIMON with the IMO 9053452

Below is fugitive Watson claiming the SAM SIMON
was not Japanese: 


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