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Sea Shepherd Expose' 4th episode

Sea Shepherd Expose’ 4th episode

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For years been posting videos extolling the ills of Sea Shepherd for basically being oriented to getting people to part with their money than saving whales or dolphins.  To help with this message recently members or member of Sea Shepherd have reached out to expose the sordid details of this cult-like group providing an expose’ much needed.

There are more leaks within the Sea Shepherd than just those in their rusting hulks. Sources from within the Sea Shepherd world, including those that have worked directly with the fugitive Paul Watson, are starting to speak out about their concerns about abuses within the group including how donors' money is being taken for one purpose and used for another.

When Sea Shepherd was asked to donate to some of the Japanese-based “save the dolphin” groups, they declined.  One of their leaders is quoted as saying something to the effect they would rather continue their confrontational tactics than support a Japanese organization.  See they want to keep their money and keep the source of exploitation.

Not all Taiji volunteers seem to be trust-fund babies.  There is a person publically begging for money to support her trip to Taiji.  See blow links:

Links begging for money to go to Taiji:

Fugitive Watson prior to being a fugitive was listed on various Speaker Bureau websites.  His fees ranged from $5,000 to $10,000 plus expenses.  Now that he is a fugitive that money dried up.  Really!  Easy to replace that money by begging from the minions donations needed to purchase fuel for the Southern Ocean campaign.  What happened to the money regularly donated plus the money from Whale Wars?

Fugitive Watson, speaker bureau listing:

How come when one looks at the Cove Guardians and the crew of their rust-bucket garbage scows people of color are absent?  Could it be another brand of racism exhibited by this racist group?  Truth be known most likely people of color have better sense than to join this cult.  

Materials and conversations via YouTube messages, Skype, and emails have provided a treasure of information about the everyday operations with all their blemishes.  Those coming forward still remain loyal to end whaling and dolphin harvesting, however are repulsed by the leadership, tactics, and expenditures of this group. 

Sources are protected as their YouTube messages have been deleted, Skype addresses deleted, and emails deleted.  The deleting took place after a copy and paste to WORD, and notes from the Skype conferences.  The same will be extended to future Sea Shepherd members willing to help cleanse the group of fugitive(s), charlatans, and hucksters.   

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