Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The cowards of Vietnam?

 The cowards of Vietnam?

Once again “China the belligerent” is intimating a country unfortunate to be a neighbor to this belligerent behemoth communist nation.  Chinese fishing vessels have invaded the territorial waters of Vietnam under the protection of Chinese military boats.  The Chinese military boats are chasing Vietnamese fishing boats out of their own waters.

So what is Vietnam doing about this Chinese bullying?  Absolutely nothing!  The excuse is the Chinese have a huge military compared to Vietnam.  Really?  Out of all the nations on the face of this earth, there is only one country that cannot use the excuse that we cannot raise up against an overwhelming military.  That one country is Vietnam.   

In the 1950’s the Vietnamese fought the French which at the time was a huge military in the face of the Vietnamese.  They ran the French out of Vietnam.  The Vietnamese also ran the United States out of Vietnam.   

The Chinese are doing what they are doing in Vietnamese waters only because the Vietnamese are allowing them to do so.  Because the Vietnamese have demonstrated an overwhelming military force is no deterrent to them.  Of course unless this latest generation of Vietnamese are a bunch of cowards.

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