Tuesday, December 29, 2015

South Korean extortion

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South Korean extortion

Japan has capitulated to South Korean extorting agreeing to pay eight million dollars and issue another apology in reference to the Comfort Women issue.  In 1965 Japan paid eight hundred million dollars and has issued numerous apologies. 

After the $800 million numerous apologies the extortionist bellowed the apologies were not “sincere” enough and demanded more money.  Now that South Korea has been successful in their extortion will they then pay and apologize to Vietnamese women?

During the Vietnam War South Korean troops in Vietnam forced Vietnamese women to be Comfort Women.  Did South Korea pay those victimized women?  No.  Did South Korea apologize to those victimized women?  No. 

How about the South Korean women forced by the South Korean military to serve as Comfort Women for the U.S. military for close to a forty year period?  Any money for them?  No.  How about an apology from the South Korean government?  No. 

Koreans have been littering the U.S.A. with statues and plaques memorializing the Comfort Women while bashing Japan.  Will that stop?  In Seoul. South Korea across the street from the Japanese Embassy is an offensive Comfort Women statue.  Will that Japan-bashing Comfort Women statue be removed?

Perhaps this video was made too soon because something stinks behind this deal.  That stench is not coming from Seoul or Tokyo, perhaps it is coming from Washington, DC. 

Text of the one-sided agreement:

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